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The magical illusion of an exquisite hand-assembled glamellia lends old-fashioned charm to modern weddings.

    Layers of ruffly petals, in pretty feminine hues, give this grand “flower” a winsome elegance beyond that which is available from Mother Nature. The exquisite “bloom,” known as a glamellia, is assembled as a composite and offers the elegance necessary for a bridal bouquet. Because it can be crafted to any size and also can serve as a corsage, the glamellia is equally appropriate for all females in the wedding party.
    Gladioli, the flowers that put the “glam” in “glamellia,” are available in numerous colors and bicolors, including a gorgeous range of autumnal hues, so glamellias can be made to match practically any color palette. Although creating this exquisite bouquet can be labor-intensive, for brides seeking to infuse old-fashioned elegance into their nuptial events, the effect of the charming glamellia is priceless.

Gladioli from favorite supplier; Laser Leaves from Milton Adler Co.; Offray ribbon from Berwick Offray.
Slice through one side of a Gladiolus bloom. Slip another smaller bloom through the opening, and nestle it into the center of the first bloom.
Insert two hairpin-shaped wires crosswise through the midsection of the nestled blooms. Bend the wires’ ends toward the base, and tape them together to form a stem.
Slice additional Gladiolus blooms, and apply two or three to the exterior of the original wired grouping. Repeat the wire and tape technique to secure each layer of blooms.

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