wedding bouquet

wearable art

Delicate bracelet is crafted with fragrant hyacinths and sparkly beads.

Put a twist on the classic wrist corsage by practicing some of your jewelry-making skills. A simple band of colorful aluminum wire is coiled at both ends and curved into a semicircle to form the foundation for this floral bracelet, which can adorn the wrist of a candlelighter, junior bridesmaid or any other female wedding party member. It would be equally treasured by young women attending proms or other dances.

The work is delicate but quick and beautiful. A green chenille stem encircles the decorative wire and provides a base to which myrtle leaves, beaded garland and hyacinth blossoms are secured with floral adhesive. Hyacinths provide exquisite fragrance, and they are cost-effective for such applications—a single stem can decorate about five wristlets. With a little work ahead, dozens of the wire bangles can be made ahead of time ready for floral adornment. The bracelets are decorated in their straightened form and later curved to the wearer’s wrist, ensuring a customized fit every time.

MATERIALS: beaded garland from Hill’s Imports, Inc./Park’s Company; Strong Pink Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis; FloraGlu Liquid Adhesive from Floralife; chenille stems, hyacinths and myrtle leaves from favorite suppliers.

Design by Christina M. Burton, AI

Cut a length of aluminum wire
about 12 inches. Create a coil
at each end, using a pair of
needle-nosed pliers, and wrap
the wire’s ends back around
the bracelet.
Wrap the length of the wire,
from coiled end to coiled end,
with a green chenille stem to
cover it. Affix myrtle leaves
using liquid adhesive.
Wire the beaded garland to the bracelet, positioning the beaded flower to create the focal point. Secure hyacinth blooms using liquid adhesive.

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