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pod-covered topiary

Picked pods make this intricate design easy to create.

With the help of a few design tools intended to make product assembly quick and easy, completing this botanical topiary is a snap. First, a prefabricated willow bundle, used as a topiary “trunk,” requires no assembly; it’s simply glued in place. And many of the pods are part of a designer assortment, sold with picks attached, so minimal labor is required. They’re just arranged into dry foam that is glued atop the willow bundle. Likewise, the vine accents—Asian honeysuckle vine at the base and bits of angel vine woven among the pods—are quick, beautifully appropriate accessories. Recommend this distinctive topiary for home and office display throughout the autumn season.

MATERIALS: austriaca cones, baobab pods, badam nuts, small Proteas, pod assortment, salal leaves, angel vine, Asian honeysuckle garland and willow bundle from Knud Nielsen Company; wood picks from W.J. Cowee;
OASIS® Hot Melt Glue and Sahara® II Dry Foam from
Smithers-Oasis; urn from favorite supplier.

Design by Marc Bass, AIFD

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Silk & Dried Designs with How-To Instructions. To order, call (800) 367-4708, or visit the Bookstore

Dip the end of a ready-made
willow bundle into pan-melt
glue, and wedge it tightly
into a container.
Wrap honeysuckle garland
around the base of the willow,
and nestle it into the container.
Insert three wood picks into
dry foam. Dip the picks into
pan-melt glue, and insert
them into the top of the willow.
Arrange materials into the foam in a spherical shape, dipping the stems into pan-melt glue for added security. Fill any gaps with preserved salal leaves and bits of angel vine.

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