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glad-ly magnificent

Tall, bold Gladioli make this arrangement stand up and stand out.

Perfect for any kind of formal setting or as a sympathy tribute, the strong lines of this design draw lots of attention, and though it has a complex appearance, this piece is really quite simple to assemble. With the strong, columnar placement of Gladioli, a stately vertical form is created. Calathea leaves are arranged in a variety of configurations—natural, rolled and even fanned—to add horizontal dimension and interest to the design. The finished shape is almost triangular, being both boldly vertical and horizontal. Though the mixture of traditional Gladioli and exotic Calathea leaves is an eclectic pairing, it works well and provides a showy, upscale piece that would be at home in a variety of proper settings.

MATERIALS: Kiwi Rose Vase from Diamond Line Containers; Gladioli and Calathea leaves from favorite supplier.

Begin the design by arranging
Gladioli into a columnar form
inside the vase.
Add leaves to the design to
expand the form of the
column. Create looped leaves
by poking a hole in each leaf,
curling it, and putting the stem
through the hole.
Create a center leaf “fan” by
bunching the leaf into a fan
shape, stapling it, and
using it instead of a bow.

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