wedding bouquet

pocketbook of posies

Bay-leaf-covered craft foam creates a base for this sweet floral “purse.”

Pleasing pink and white blooms peek from this living “purse,” which is the perfect accessory for fashionable brides or maids. A braided ribbon handle allows this pocketbook to be carried demurely in front with two hands or looped over an arm, leaving both hands free. Spray roses and other gardeny flowers, like the California jasmine woven among the blooms, create an informal outline and appear to burst from the seams.

A large circle of craft foam is folded in half to create the purse’s semicircular, pocket-shaped form. A thin sliver of soaked floral foam is inserted to hold the fresh florals before the craft foam is stapled once at the top center. The braided ribbons are stapled to the craft foam for a secure handle. Beginning at the outer edge, bay leaves are glued to the purse form in an overlapping manner with floral adhesive. Subsequent rows overlap the first, ending with a fan of bay leaves at the base.

MATERIALS: ‘Mimi Eden’ spray roses, ‘Diamond Pink’ Bouvardias, sweet Williams, California jasmine, Veronicas and bay leaves from California cut flower growers; Oasis® Floral Foam and Oasis® Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis; ribbon and craft foam from favorite suppliers.

Design from Florists’ Review Winning Bouquet Combinations. To order, call (800) 367-4708, or visit the “Bookstore” here.  

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