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full circle

This gender-neutral tribute combines traditional flowers with unconventional style.

Design by Tina Stoecker, AIFD

This round easel spray, created on a floral-foam wreath base, provides a departure from the typical elliptical, oval, triangular or diamond-shaped easel arrangements. Asian honeysuckle vine encircles the spray, giving the flowers the look of having a natural wreath base but the freshness of being arranged in foam. A moss-covered sphere, secured with wood picks into the center of the foam wreath form, further contributes to the natural look. Feathers cover the mechanics and add a distinctive textural element.

Out of the darkness that composes the center of the wreath, life blooms. Vibrant red roses, fragrant Freesias and comforting yellow sunflowers are just a few of the blossoms placed throughout the arrangement.

The brown and gray hues of the moss and feathers give the composition a masculine feeling although the Bupleurum softens the look with an almost lacy appearance, making it a gender-neutral tribute. This wreath also offers great economy through its use of spare stems.

MATERIALS: ‘Hot Lady’ roses from Royal Flowers International; Freesias from The Sun Valley Group; carnations, sunflowers, China asters (Callistephus), lady’s mantle (Alchemilla), Solidago, thoroughwax (Bupleurum) and greening pins from favorite suppliers; Asian honeysuckle vine and feathers from Knud Nielsen Company; 18-inch Oasis® Maché Wreath from Smithers-Oasis; Ball Moss from Schusters of Texas; wood picks from W.J. Cowee.
Insert three wood picks into
a moss-covered sphere at
equal intervals facing
downward, and insert the
picks into the center of the
floral-foam wreath.
Arrange Asian honeysuckle
vine around the inside and
outside perimeters of the
foam wreath. Secure the vine
to the wreath form with
greening pins.
Wire a wood pick to each end of a feather, and place the feather over the mossy sphere, inserting the picks into the floral-foam wreath. Repeat with additional feathers.

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