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Help families and friends honor loved ones with inspirational casket flower designs.

Designs by Walter Fedyshyn, AIFD, PFCI

Guiding family and friends through their final farewells is never easy, but with care and some special touches, professional florists can ensure that the flowers convey the sentiments of the bereaved.

Here, floral designer Walter Fedyshyn, aifd, pfci, demonstrates how casket sprays, some of which offer mementos for loved ones, can pay tribute to the deceased. And by graciously incorporating set pieces, rather than placing them upright on an easel, Mr. Fedyshyn’s casket sprays offer modern alternatives to traditional sympathy expressions.

garden of tranquility
Feminine sensibilities combine with a gentle garden aesthetic to make this tender tribute ideal for a female flower gardener. An open-heart set piece, comprising sweetly scented lavender roses collared by Galax leaves, is tucked among the vegetative “plantings” and signifies the dearly departed’s kind and loving nature. The pair of dried larkspur bundles can be placed into favorite vases as keepsakes following the services.

MATERIALS: ‘Avant Garde’ roses from California Pajarosa Floral; Dahlias from Brand Flowers; ‘Camarque’ French tulips and Freesias from The Sun Valley Group; dried larkspurs from LoveJoy Farms; lady’s mantle, Queen Anne’s lace, lily grass, ivy, myrtle, hyacinth stakes and chenille stems from favorite suppliers; Oasis® Mâché Open Heart and Oasis® Small Casket Saddle from Smithers-Oasis.


planted presentation
A quiet garden offers rest for the departed, and featured within it is a blooming plant, which lives on to comfort the bereaved. Purchased with a mossy exterior, the plant-filled pot melds into the floral landscape and is placed off-center to duplicate the asymmetry of a lovingly tended garden. Likewise, the fresh flowers are grouped to resemble structured plantings. Since the color palette is neither overtly masculine nor feminine, this tribute is a gracious farewell to any garden lover.

MATERIALS: ‘Akebono’ peony-flowered (double-late) tulips, lilies and stars-of-Bethlehem (Ornithogalums) from The Sun Valley Group; Dahlias from Brand Flowers; Bupleurum, lily grass, Kunzea, myrtle and other foliages, and chenille stems from favorite suppliers; mossed pot from Aldik Artificial Flowers; Double Artesia® Designer Dome™ from FloraCraft Corporation.

HOW TO: Cut a segment of floral foam out of a large casket saddle with a sharp knife. Nestle a mossed pot into the opening, and drop in a coordinating blooming or foliage plant.


blanketed in love
After final farewells are spoken, words from a familiar hymn emblazoned upon a fringed afghan comfort family and friends through difficult times. Atop the blanket-laden casket, a lushly covered open heart, with roses in a range of sun-drenched peach and golden honey hues, captures the color palette of the woven throw. Tucked between the blossoms are compacted clusters of Queen Anne’s lace, which lend a downy texture and conceal the form from view. Beneath the heart, white and green florals visually separate the roses from the matching cover.

MATERIALS: ‘Peach Avalanche’, ‘Geneve’, ‘Kameleon’ and ‘Emanuelle’ roses from California Pajarosa Floral; callas from CallaCo; bells-of-Ireland, Queen Anne’s lace, ti leaves and other foliages, hyacinth stake and chenille stems from favorite suppliers; 18” Never-Wilt® Snap-Fit Open Heart from The John Henry Company; Oasis® Large Casket Saddle from Smithers-Oasis; afghan from Giftwares Co.

HOW TO: Center an open-heart form atop a single casket saddle. Elevate the top portion of the heart by securing it to a hyacinth stake or other support with chenille stems. Arrange roses into the heart form so the varieties’ similar hues blend fluidly. Then arrange materials into the casket saddle to finish the design.


condolences updated
Exquisite pink-tipped callas, selected to reflect the feminine color of the roses, along with fluffy spikes of heather and arching blades of lily grass, surround a rose-encrusted heart, which is assembled on a contemporary form. In the tradition of a lacy ribbon to surround the heart, tiny alabaster waxflowers echo the ruffly texture in a modern manner. With its updated aesthetic, this combined casket spray and set piece can be used to mark the passing of a younger woman.

MATERIALS: ‘Strawberry Parfait’ miniature callas from CallaCo; ‘Amsterdam’ roses from California Pajarosa Floral; heather, waxflowers, lily grass, salal, hyacinth stakes and chenille stems from favorite suppliers; Oasis® Mâché Solid Deco Heart from Smithers-Oasis; Foam Mate® Single Casket Saddle and Aquafoam® from Syndicate Sales.

HOW TO: Secure the heart to hyacinth stakes with chenille stems. Insert the stakes into the casket saddle, and arrange roses into the heart. Conceal the heart’s edge with a collar of waxflowers, and arrange callas, heather and grasses into the casket saddle.


peaceful repose
Tucked into a mass of scarlet carnations, tiny clusters of Hypericum offer a new dimension for a traditional cross. The blossom-covered form is laid into a dense bed of foliages and surrounded by striking groups of tulips and roses that elongate the spray for a full-couch presentation. A trio of additional tulips, with their exquisite black centers visible, is suspended from the cross like droplets of lifeblood, the heavenly promises of eternity to those of Christian faith.

MATERIALS: ‘Tabasco’ roses from California Pajarosa Floral; tulips from The Sun Valley Group; carnations, Hypericum, salal, huckleberry, hyacinth stake, chenille stems and floral foam from favorite suppliers; 24” Never-Wilt® Deluxe Snap-Fit Cross and Never-Wilt® Double Cascade Casket Saddle from The John Henry Company.

HOW TO: Place floral foam only in the horizontal platform of the casket saddle, and lay the cross into the open angled platform area. Secure the base of the cross form to the casket saddle with chenille stems or zip ties, and prop the upper portion of the cross atop a hyacinth stake or other support. Secure the stake to the cross with chenille stems, and arrange carnations and Hypericum into the cross form. Then arrange roses, tulips and foliages into the casket saddle.


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