basket weave

Ribbons dress up a basic cube vessel to resemble a pretty woven basket.

     Geometric glass cubes are stylish and versatile for just about any occasion. But when an occasion calls for something with a bit more pizzazz than a basic vase, the clear cubes are easily customizable as well, despite the intricate appearance of this container’s ribbon-weave covering.

     Pastel ribbons are wonderful for spring events and occasions, but bolder hues and peppier patterns can appeal to younger shoppers. Varied ribbon widths and patterns contribute to the realism of the woven exterior; experiment with different styles and sizes depending on the event and season.

Roses from favorite supplier; Square Vases from Syndicate Sales; ribbon from Berwick Offray; Oasis® UGlu™ Adhesive Dashes from Oasis® Floral Products.

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