corsage glam

This embellished composite flower is a sophisticated alternative to a traditional corsage.

Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

    Created of dozens of Gladiolus petals, wired and taped together to resemble a Camellia, the glamellia is a traditional corsage option that has made a comeback in the past few years. Today’s glamellia, however, takes “glam” to a new level. This updated selection serves as a piece of floral jewelry, with fashion-forward accents including a jewel-and-faux-pearl-encrusted buckle and loops of coordinating bullion wire. It is perfect for a trendy mom or young grandmother.

    To create the composite flower, wire Gladiolus petals, in clusters of two or three, and wrap each wire “stem” with floral tape. Then assemble the wired petal clusters into a spectacular blossom around a central Gladiolus bloom. A variety of stem lengths add to the corsage’s visual appeal, with the longer stems providing stability once the corsage is pinned to the wearer’s gown. The ends of a few of the stems are gently flared for a natural look.

    Although glamellias take a bit more labor to assemble than other floral corsages, they still offer an affordable way to provide a full presentation because they require only a few blooms from a single Gladiolus stem. And Gladioli are available in a variety of colors, so this corsage can be made to coordinate with a host of wedding hues.

Gladiolus from favorite supplier; Florette Pearl Bucklezz from Fitz Design; Bullion Wire from Lion Ribbon; Oasis™ Metallic Wire and Lomey™ Corsage Pins from Smithers-Oasis; Floratape® Stem Wrap from Alcan Packaging.
Wire two or three Gladiolus petals together by inserting a hairpin-shaped wire through the petals in a stitchlike manner. Repeat this process to create several more clusters of wired petals. Tape each wire “stem.”
  HOW TO 2:
Arrange the wired petals around a central Gladiolus floret, and wrap floral tape around the stems just beneath the composite “bloom.” Insert metallic wire through a floral buckle to create a “pin,” and insert it into the center of the glamellia.
  HOW TO 3:
Form bullion wire into several continuous loops, and secure it to the back of the glamellia. Pull and shape the loops to create a full presentation.

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