out of the blue

A value-added design treatment at the base of a simple
composition provides a higher-price-point option.

  Design by Christina M. Burton, AIFD

  Offering multiple price options is a win-win situation both for florists and consumers. Here are two examples featuring cut Irises in beautiful blue ceramic pin-frog containers.

  The simpler design in the background features an Aspidistra leaf into which a slit is cut and two Iris stems are inserted. This technique will draw attention from consumers who crave a stylish twist.

  In the foreground, a small wreath, based with permanent Viburnum leaves, offers a chic upgrade to the design. The Hydrangea florets that are secured among the globe thistles will dry naturally, so the keepsake wreath can be made ahead of time. Jewels and gems, including a stylish jewel-encrusted bee pin, add further detail.

  The pin-frog vessels make it easy for consumers to replicate these looks. Encourage them to return to your shop to purchase replacement stems once the Irises have expired.

MATERIALS: Irises and Hydrangeas from The Sun Valley Group; ‘Milky Way’ Aspidistra leaves and permanent Viburnum leaves from favorite suppliers; dried globe thistles (Echinops) from Knud Nielsen Company; Blue Wave Ikebana containers from Georgetown Pottery; What’s the Buzz? bee pin from Bouquet Jewels® by Flora Europa; Large Round Lavender Deco Ice jewels from Lion Ribbon; Oasis™ Bullion Wire, Oasis® Floral Ahesive and Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis.

“out of the blue” recipe

Upgraded design (foreground)
2 stems Irises
partial stem Hydrangeas
1⁄8 bunch dried globe thistles
1 ‘Milky Way’ Aspidistra leaf
approx. 2 dozen permanent Viburnum leaves

1 bee pin
5 Deco Ice jewels
bullion wire
ribbon flange


suggested marketing copy

Choose a gift that's royally inspired.

Featuring gorgeous purple Irises and captivating blue ceramic keepsake containers, these modern arrangements will add chic sophistication to any home or office.  Surprise a special someone "out of the blue" with one of these stylish arrangements today!

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out of the blue    

Dip permanent Viburnum leaves into hot-melt (pan) glue, and adhere them to both sides of a ribbon flange or cardboard disc.

Remove the stems from dried globe thistles, dip the globe thistles into hot-melt glue and adhere them to the permanent-leaf-covered ribbon flange. Finish by securing Hydrangea florets with floral adhesive and decorative embellishments with hot glue.

Center the ribbon flange with the pin frog in the container, and arrange the Irises and Aspidistra leaf through the wreath and into the pin frog.

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