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pocketful of fun
A hip Mother’s Day gift is created with a few container alterations.

  Repositioned from a backside to the side of a tin container, this denim pocket, clipped from a well-worn pair of jeans, offers a clever, playful way to incorporate gifts and greeting cards into fresh floral arrangements.

  For Mother’s Day, we’ve arranged a gorgeous collection of novelty roses and coordinating carnations, along with a column of clipped bear grass for flair, into a galvanized planter. The denim pocket, simply hot-glued to the vessel, holds a greeting card and a gift that moms are sure to love. While a small iPod or MP3 player is a great gift for tech-savvy moms, others may prefer more traditional presents, such as theater tickets, gift cards, or paperback books.

  This notion easily adapts to all kinds of other occasions as well. Harvest additional pockets from your worn-out supplies and those of your staff, and shop thrift stores for more affordable finds.

MATERIALS: ‘High and Magic’ roses from Royal Flowers; bear grass from The Sun Valley Group; carnations, greeting card and denim pocket from favorite suppliers; Tin Square Recycled container from Syndicate Sales; Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Smithers-Oasis.

how to
  Cut a pocket from an old or thrift-store pair of denim jeans. Trim neatly around the pocket, leaving enough fabric above it, so the denim can be adhered to the container. Fold the top portion of the denim over the rim, and hot-glue the fabric to the planter.

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