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Quick and easy techniques for vibrant Mother’s Day floral designs.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

When the busy Mother’s Day rush is upon your shop, the last thing you need is labor-intensive techniques that hinder production. These bright, cheerful arrangements for modern moms offer fast, simple techniques for adding special touches, several of which can be done weeks ahead of the holiday.


streaming beauty
    Ribbon streamers offer a modern alternative to a traditional bow. In this composition, which is designed in a footed glass vase, the streamers gracefully cascade from pussy willow branches. A simple shoestring bow secures the card in place.

 Limonium, ‘Monte Cassino’ Asters, Ranunculi and Godetia from Esmeralda Farms; Gerberas and pussy willows from favorite suppliers; Footed Gathering Vase from Syndicate Sales; ribbon from Berwick Offray.

How to:
  Tie the ribbon streamers to the pussy-willow stems away from the lip of the vase to prevent the ribbon from wicking water from the vase.

botanical bow
A charming “bow” created from heather cleverly highlights a feminine mix of flowers in cool pink and purple hues. Although the perceived value of the design is high, it actually requires little labor to create its distinctive botanical bow. Each piece of bullion-wire-wrapped heather is inserted into the floral foam individually to ensure hydration to the heather.

Materials: New York Asters, Ranunculi, Godetia and Hypericum from Esmeralda Farms; Gerberas, heather and spray roses from favorite suppliers; Avant Garden Rectangle Vase (ceramic) from The John Henry Company; Oasis™ Bullion Wire from Smithers-Oasis.

How to:
  Wrap four stems of heather with bullion wire, wrapping from the base of the stem to the tip of the branch and back down. Bend two of the stems into loops for the floral “bow,” and leave the other two as “tails.” Insert each piece into the floral foam.

nested love
Nests are popular decorative accents for spring and Mother’s Day. Here, the avian abode is surrounded with a natural spread of pretty lavender spray roses and Limonium as well as variegated Pittosporum. The flowers, along with the rectangular green container, create a pleasing color harmony.

Materials: Limonium from Esmeralda Farms; spray roses, variegated Pittosporum and pussy willows from favorite suppliers; Pine Straw Nest from Knud Nielsen Company; eggs from Melrose International; ceramic container from Zimax; Dixon® Pin from Dixon Products.
How to:
  Pierce a Dixon pin through the bottom of the nest and into the floral foam to secure.

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