wedding bouquet

on the fringe

A garden-style nosegay exhibits feminine frill with exotic-looking fringed tulips.

Roses, tulips and fragrant flowers such as the stocks and Freesias found in this beautiful hand-tied collection are perennial favorites for gardeny spring and summer bouquets. This one, composed in a cool monochromatic lavender palette, is all the more striking with the selection of unusual fringed tulips, whose frilly edges, in a buttery, complementary hue, command attention.
Further feminizing the nosegay is a pretty pearl-studded, ribbon-wrapped handle, which is simple and fast to create. After the bouquet is assembled and the stems are bound with waterproof tape, the stem grouping is wrapped with waterproof organza ribbon. The jeweled details—pear-shaped corsage pins in coordinating colors—are simply inserted upward into the stem bundle in an ordered pattern.

MATERIALS: ‘Cummins’ fringed tulips, roses, stocks, Freesias and bay leaves from California cut flower growers; Ocean Brand Pear-Head corsage pins from Milton Adler Co.; Waterproof Tape from Smithers-Oasis; waterproof ribbon from burton + BURTON.
Bind the bundle of stems just
beneath the flower heads and
again at the base of the
stems with waterproof tape,
so a uniform column is formed.
Secure one end of the ribbon
to the bundled stems with a
length of waterproof tape.
Continue wrapping the stems
with ribbon in a somewhat
haphazard manner.
Secure the ribbon just beneath the flower heads with a corsage pin. Insert additional corsage pins, at a steep upward angle, in an orderly pattern into the ribbon wrapping.

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