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This tribute provides the utmost personalization for a funeral or memorial service.

Design by Tina Stoecker, aifd, pfci

Photos and flowers are two mainstays at ceremonies honoring the deceased. This clever arrangement combines the two for a personalized tribute. Dogwood branches are abundantly placed among the flowers, providing a treelike support from which to hang the photos.
Arranged inside a glazed ceramic container, the flowers create a complementary color harmony with Belladonna Delphinums, Irises and Hydrangeas in shades of blue, and roses, Alstroemerias and Gerberas in shades of orange. Bells-of-Ireland are presented in an unexpected way, with their stems cut short and inserted into the base of the design to add ruffly texture among the other flowers.
Use black-and-white photos to prevent them from competing with the flowers’ colors. Avoid damage to a customer’s original images by scanning or photocopying the photos, then laminate the copies to make them sturdier. (Use the services of a local copy shop, or consider investing in a scanner or copier and lamination machine for your shop.) Secure the photos within the arrangement by taping monofilament line to their backs and hanging them from the branches.

MATERIALS: Irises and Hydrangeas from The Sun Valley Group; ‘Milva’ roses, bells-of-Ireland and Delphiniums from Royal Flowers; Alstroemerias, Gerberas, lady’s mantle (Alchemilla), Italian Ruscus, Hypericum and dogwood branches from favorite suppliers; vase from Meyer Imports.
Laminate the chosen photos,
then trim the excess
lamination film with a paper
Tape monofilament line to the
backside of each photo.
Tie the monofilament line to the branches to hang the photos once the arrangement is complete.

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