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embellished bloomers

Blooming plants provide long-lasting enjoyment, often far beyond the life expectancy of cut flowers, making them popular choices for Mother’s Day gifts. Customize your selection of plants with high-quality ribbons, decorative wire and other clever treatments. Be sure to include care instructions so that recipients can enjoy their gifts to the fullest.

garden glory
Perfect as a springtime garden display, this grouping
of plants, inside coordinating painted tin containers, uses limited color and plant varieties for maximum impact. A large potted thyme topiary inside a square tin container and a lush rosemary topiary inside one of the watering cans add height and create an English garden effect, with water-picked Persian violets (Exacum) and cut ivy inserted around the topiary stems. Steel-picked bear grass adds a natural, wispy effect to each design. A second watering can features bear grass and ivy picked into an Exacum plant.

MATERIALS:  Valley Mist Watering Cans and Square Planter from Flowers, Inc. Balloons; Aquapics from Syndicate Sales; bear grass, cut ivy, rosemary topiary, thyme topiary and Exacum from favorite suppliers.

HOW TO: Bind clusters of bear grass with a steel pick machine. Arrange the grass into each design.


pink persuasion
Decorative aluminum wire dresses up these African violet and orchid plants, each of which is set inside a glazed ceramic pot. The treatment is both decorative and functional for the orchid plant, as the wire supports the bloom spike. For the African violet, the more uniformly coiled wire serves a purely decorative purpose, formed into a faux handle. The rich metallic pink color of the wire is a perfect accompaniment to the pink blossoms of both plants.

MATERIALS: Mother’s Day Collection ceramic pots from Global Pottery; Strong Pink Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis; orchid plant and African violet from favorite suppliers.

HOW TO: Wrap aluminum wire around a dowel, and pull the wire off the dowel to create a coil. Place the ends of the coil into opposite sides of the African violet plant to create a decorative faux handle.


branching out

A weathered square pot is an ideal choice for this
Cineraria plant, which is dressed up on one side with cut Hypericum. The pale berries give contrast to the bright Cineraria flowers, and natural yellow dogwood twigs provide additional texture while extending the design further beyond the sides of the pot. A dogwood branch also is used in the round clay pot, to support the orchid bloom. Cut Hypericum is tucked into the soil at the base of this design. The pale color of the berries ties in with the color of the dogwood branch, achieving unity within the designs.

MATERIALS: Square pot from Pots Co.; round clay pot from Compradores; orchid, Hypericum and yellow dogwood twigs from favorite suppliers.

HOW TO:  Insert stems of Hypericum into the base of a potted orchid, and add moss.


butterfly gardens
With bold colors and coordinating springtime containers, these designs radiate cheer. The round pot begins with a lime green Pothos plant into which cut Gerberas are placed, and in the square pot, cut Pothos stems are water-picked into a Cyclamen plant. Each composition features bear grass, picked into its center, creating a wispy, radiating effect. Aluminum wire swirls in and around each design, with some of the wire shaped into tendrils. The various shades of pink and green pick up the colors of the botanical-themed painted pots.

MATERIALS: Butterfly Breeze Wood Pot and Planter from Flowers, Inc. Balloons; Gerberas from Benchmark Growers; Cyclamen, neon Pothos plants and bear grass from favorite suppliers; Water Picks and Apple Green Aluminum Wire from Smithers-Oasis.

HOW TO: Insert Gerbera stems into water picks, and arrange the flowers into a potted Pothos plant.


seeded trellis

A simple Gerbera plant receives height and value with the addition of a “trellis,” created from bamboo sprays. Seed packets, secured to the trellis with green spray-painted clothespins, offer a fun touch and make this a gift that keeps giving. The yellow sisal- covered pot accents the brilliant yellow Gerbera blossoms.

MATERIALS: Sisal Pot Cover from Accent Décor; Basil Bamboo Sprays from Knud Nielsen Company; Gerbera plant, seed packets and clothespins from favorite suppliers.

HOW TO:  Spray paint clothespins to coordinate with the bamboo sprays. Secure seed packets to the bamboo sprays with the clothespins when they are dry.


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