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triple-decker roses

A multilayered arrangement showcases a dozen long-stemmed roses in a fresh new way.

An impressive topiary twist makes this dozen-rose vase arrangement an exciting alternative to standard rose designs that is easy to assemble for Mother’s Day or any special day. Roses are bundled and zip-tied in groups that increase in size as they descend from the flower trio at the top. Satiny pink ribbon accents pick up the blushing hue of the rose petals’ reverse and the dusty pink color of the vase, which fittingly incorporates a rose relief pattern. The bicolor roses, with their pale-orange centers, add dimension to the design.

The rose stems are all cut at once, after the tiers have been created and bound, to a height that allows the final grouping of roses to rest just upon the vase’s lip. The topiary is simply dropped into the vase, and delicate, wispy sprigs of tree fern add a hint of green as a collaring accent.

Despite its height, the arrangement is secure enough for delivery. The tapered neck of the chosen vase holds the dozen stems snugly and ensures no tilting. Consider creating a bank of these impressive topiaries to showcase in a window or in-store display and entice shoppers looking for something distinctive to give to Mom.

MATERIALS: ‘Cherry Brandy’ roses from Eufloria Flowers; Pink Belle Vase from Accent Décor; Wrapsit Floral Ties from Syndicate Sales; tree fern and ribbon from favorite suppliers.

Design by Tina Stoecker, AIFD, PFCI
Gather three long-stemmed
roses in hand so the flower
heads are even. Secure the
bundle with a zip tie just
below the rose heads.
About 6 inches down the
trio’s stems, gather four
roses and secure them with
a zip tie. Repeat with the
remaining five roses to create
the final tier. Trim the zip-tie
Tie bows at the top and middle topiary levels to mask the zip ties, turning the ties so the bulky junction points are in the back and not interfering with the bows. Cut all 12 rose stems to the same length.

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