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Surviving the Current Economic Downturn
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Current Economic Downturn

December 2009

Find out 50 things your employees and you should
never do during the holidays.

Can you distinguish between Austrian pine cones
and Norway spruce cones? Discover what's what
in our handy glossary.

Increase sales of Americans' favorite holiday plant
with our 10 tips for pushing poinsettias.

November 2009

How well do you take care of your delivery vehicles? 
Use our handy
maintenance checklist to help
keel them running smoothly.

Cut the delivery drain with a list of simple,

practical tips to make the most of every
drop of fuel.

Check out our
cold weather delivery advice
to protect your flowers this winter.

October 2009

Halloween window displays a treat.

Ease your holiday season with five tips for

managing multiple customers.

Discover simple ways to give your
floral cooler a makeover.

September 2009

Discover the antidote for job stress, and get
10 simple tips for increasing productivity.

Learn why customer appreciation means big bucks
for your business.  We'll reveal customers' three biggest
pet peeves and the six golden rules of customer service.

Create a more extraordinary life for yourself and your family
with these 12 easy strategies you can begin enacting today.

August 2009

Learn about the sympathy practices of various ethnic
and religious groups, and find out
when flowers are appropriate.

Discover the six "must-have" social media profiles
for a great marketing campaign.

Find out how to avoid the
top five mistakes of social media marketing.

July 2009

Discover 10 things you can do now for a successful holiday season.

Check out our helpful evergreen care tips and glossary
of 15 of the most popular holiday greens.

Are you hosting a Christmas open house? Employ our practical
suggestions to make this year's event your most rewarding ever.

June 2009
Help your customers get the longest life from their
flowers with our reproducible

cut flower care tips handout.

Advice from a fellow florist: Learn how to spot the
signs of fraudulent orders.

Find out what every family-run business owner needs to
know about
succession planning.

May 2009
BusinessWeek has named some unexpected companies
customer service champions. What can you
learn from these online retailers?

Test your knowledge of display principles with
our fun merchandising quiz.

Discover five simple techniques to reduce stress
and avoid "mental health days."

April 2009

Administrative Professionals Week is April 19-25.
Use our l
etter to grab employers' attention
and urge them to place their orders.

Beyond "thank you": 10 clever card sentiments
to suggest to uninspired bosses.

Discover how to effectively garner employee
and turn them into profit.

March 2009

Use our handy Wedding Pre-Consultation questionnaire
to assist you in your work with brides.

Spring has sprung! Check out this nature-inspired,
elegant candle ring from German publisher Profil Floral.

Your customers are struggling, too. Get tips on what
you can do to help them and ensure future loyalty..

February 2009

Learn how to turn your business cards into
actionable marketing documents.

Test your knowledge of common and
botanical flower names.

Get tips for juggling multiple customers
when your staff is slim.

January 2009

Does Your Shop Pop? Take this quiz to find out.

Learn how to create a charming design of gift-boxed
from German publisher Profil Floral.

Find Financial Peace: Popular finance expert Dave Ramsey
shares tips for weathering the economic storm.

Discover eight ways to show employees the love when
you can't show them the money.

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