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easy does it
Beginning designers can learn this easy technique for arranging a dozen roses.

from December's Technique Department

patchwork orbs
Easy to create, these custom ribbon-covered spheres exude designer appeal.

from November's Technique Department

a tangled web
Barren branches laden with spooky "spider webbing" suggest a haunted Halloween sentiment.

from October's Technique Department

clustered corsage
Tufts of accent flowers create a florid bed into which several spray roses are tucked.

from September's Technique Department

composition rose
In a role reversal, flowers accessorize foliage - in the form of a handcrafted blossom - commanding attention in the center of this design

from August's Technique Department

majestic mix
Blending floral and nonfloral components, this captivating centerpiece embraces the Christmas season.

from July's Technique Department


collared roses
A simple ribbon technique provides added panache to the roses in this grouped composition.

from June's Technique Department


pot-topped topiary
An orb of petite pots tops a permanent Podocarpus sphere to create a double-ball topiary.

from May's Technique Department


rose garden
A gardeny trellis and feminine florals combine in this classic gift for moms.

from April's Technique Department

ring around the posy
A collar of fresh Hydrangea florets adds customized presence to a lovely mixed bouquet.

from March's Technique Department


spring zone
This lovely landscape composition, complete with the nest of an avian companion, is designed in a nature-inspired manner.

from February's Technique Department


tantalizing topiary
This charming “rose tree” offers a creative yet quick way to showcase a half-dozen blooms.

from January's Technique Department

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