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  tailor-made arrangement

Premium enhancements yield a refined centerpiece or gift for Valentine’s Day.

from December's Technique Department

  snow-topped florals

Newly “fallen” faux snow lends wintry ambience to a gorgeous holiday centerpiece.

from November's Technique Department

textured for fall

Array basic containers with organic-looking wraps that become easy sleeves for autumn.

from October's Technique Department
  custom corsage

Decorative accents create a custom piece of floral jewelry and distinguish your shop as a fashion-forward floral business.

from September's Technique Department
  successfully joined

A dressed-up ivy topiary beautifully blends fresh flowers and foliage.

from August’s Technique Department
  fruit stackers

Simple design tools create elegant sculptural accessories.

from July's Technique Department
  levitating blossoms

Corsage magnets magically suspend a collection of callas.

from June's Technique Department
  fantasy flower

Create a glorious oversized blossom that exceeds what Nature could achieve on her own.

from May's Technique Department
  button up

A simple enhancement transforms a clay pot from basic container to vibrant vessel for Mother’s Day.

from April's Technique Department
  asian artistry

This Eastern-inspired composition is quick to create using the simple technique of bundling.

from March's Technique Department
  easter surprise

Floral “eggs” make delightful seasonal focal points in this basket of blooms.

from February's Technique Department
  Faux-finished pot

Simple steps produce a decades-old look.

from January's Technique Department
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