November 2009
what has happened to our industry?
    A look back at the factors and events that helped shape today’s retail floral trade.
December 2009
the state of the florists 2009
    Understanding the factors that have sent many florists’ sales plummeting and caused
    many to close shop.

January 2010
positioning your business for future success

    What you must do to regain lost sales of cut flowers and increase sales in the months
    and years ahead.

February 2010
reducing labor costs
    To offer consumers the lower prices they seek while maintaining your profitability, you'll likely
    have to reduce business expenses.  Here are my ideas for lowering your payroll.

March 2010
marketing your business

    Before competition in the retail floral industry became so broad and intense, many florists
    considered marketing to be optional. If it ever was, it's not today, and florists are going to have
    to be aggressive and creative to survive.

April 2010
lowering the cost of goods
     How to set and achieve a goal of limiting and monitoring the amount of materials in

May 2010
the wire-service conundrum
     A look at how the wire-service business has changed for florists and an analysis of the role
     wire services should play in florists’ businesses today.


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