Have a Heart
Seven simple make-ahead accents for the holiday of love.

Roses: The Latest and Greatest
Sixty-five new rose varieties from the world’s leading breeders, available for Valentine’s Day 2011.

Trends in Floral Design
Industry-leading designers share their insights into what flower buyers will flock to in the year ahead.

Euro Style 2011
German floral publisher BLOOM’s identifies key design concepts for the coming year.

Inside Look
The latest on what’s been happening in home interiors as well as a peek at what’s to come.

Color Comeback
Neutrals live on, but bright and bold are in vogue again!

Modern Society
Societal directions that will influence consumers’ lifestyles and behaviors this year.

2011 State of the Industry: It’s Not Over Yet
2010 was more challenging for our industry than 2009, and struggles are likely to continue throughout 2011; however, we have the products, people and message to overcome and thrive.

Raising the Bar
Two florists create complementary additions to their botanical businesses.

Moving Forward in 2011
Twenty-five tips to help your business regain momentum this year.

Reviewing Stand
  by Frances Dudley, AAF
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Basic Training
How To

Fresh Flower
What's New

Hot Topic
Marketing Magic

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Product Source Guide
by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

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