The Marketing Secret for 2011
  by John Stanley

     Marketing has gone through a revolution over the last few months and years. It seems like every month a new idea hits the marketplace.

     Gone are the days when all it took to get the job done was simply to write copy for a newspaper ad. Retailers today have to consider social media, conventional promotions, word-of-mouth marketing, loyalty schemes and a host of other ideas to develop their businesses.

     All these new marketing methods help grow businesses, but the challenge is finding the time to develop new marketing ideas and to implement them into your business.

     Time. That is the marketing secret for 2011. Those businesses that can find time to first develop, then implement, new marketing strategies are those that will prosper in 2011.

     A client recently commented, “I am too busy to do marketing. I need all my time just to keep the business afloat. When the business is going well, I will give myself more time to do the marketing.”

     This strategy will work in the short term, but in the long term, it will result in a loss of customers as other businesses develop new marketing strategies and attract customers away from your business.


     The key to developing your business in 2011 will be looking at how you can use time more effectively to allow you and your team to develop marketing strategies for your business. Here are six tips for doing that.

  1. Write down your marketing goals. What do you want to achieve? The key is to write down your goals rather than just think about them. Tell staff and family members what you are doing so they can help you develop your goals.

  2. Set deadlines. Assign a date by which you want to achieve each of your goals. Do not procrastinate. Tell staff and family members about your deadlines so they can help you meet them.

  3. Balance your time between traditional marketing and social media marketing. It is easy to get engrossed in one at the expense of the other. You will need both venues in your marketing tool kit for 2011.

  4. Delegate. Are there some tasks or responsibilities you can delegate to others so that you can invest more time to developing marketing strategies? For some, it may be worth delegating the marketing; for others, it may be delegating other tasks/responsibilities.

  5. Measure the success of your marketing. Track how many new customers you are attracting as well as the increase in your average sale per customer. This will give you the motivation and confidence to continue to develop your marketing skills.

  6. Reward yourself when you have achieved your marketing goals.

John Stanley, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), is an acclaimed retail consultant and one of the top business speakers in the world today. He is the author of several marketing, customer service and retailing books, including Just About Everything a Retail Manager Needs to Know. Visit Mr. Stanley’s website,, or e-mail to find out how he can help you grow your business.

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