the color palette

The hues are “barely there” tones of creams, grays and blues based with deeper earth tones of brown and charcoal. Dusty coral and shimmery copper hues punctuate the look.



The gentle, restful theme of Whisper is influenced by our longing for calm amid the frenzied pace of daily living. Clean lines and more sparse décor are cherished here. Objects are pared down to those that are most loved, allowing them our full focus and attention.







Two contemporary monobotanical designs make a graphic statement and are surrounded simply with other clean-lined but touchable pieces.


MATERIALS: ‘Akito’ roses from Eufloria Flowers;  ‘Terra’ Anthuriums from Ever-Bloom; Shell Bubble Ball from Accent Décor; vertical container from Ararat International Trading; horizontal container from Jamali Garden Supplies; pillow from personal collection.



key flowers to consider


Distinctive textures and character are important elements in the “Whisper” look. Flowers that are unusual in form (Anthuriums and Proteas, for example) and therapeutic in fragrance (Gardenias and Stephanotises, for example) are prized in this sensuous style.



arranging tips


Flowers here are styled, rather than arranged, into contemporary formats. Often they are displayed monobotanically, and the designs have an austere sensibility.


merchandising tip


Invite customers to be enveloped in the sensory nature of this palette by creating a section of your shop in which they are invited to interact with the products—perhaps signage inviting them to “touch me” or “smell me.” In addition to the blooms themselves, incorporate sensuous yet serene fabrics and organic forms such as shells and pebbles.


accents and motifs


seashells and sand

rocks, stones and pebbles

textured fabrics and fringe

organic forms

chunky weaves

driftwood and sculptural wooden forms




A single, fragrant Gardenia is tucked amid a bed of seashells, inviting customers to lean in and inhale its refreshing scent.


MATERIALS: Gardenias from Tayama Greenhouses; Bubble Ball from Syndicate Sales; tray from Creative Candles; ArtMesh® from ArtMesh/Earth-Deco; shells from favorite supplier.









While just a few ingredients and placements are displayed here, they are in a contemporary, stylized manner for the greatest impact. The brown of the grasses punctuates the soft blue-grays of the other gathered elements.


MATERIALS: Hydrangeas from The Sun Valley Group; dusty miller and grass heads from Dos Osos Multifloro; Napa Valley Planter from Accent Décor.









The fragrance of the Freesias is as powerful as the modern angle of this display, which shows the blossoms to full effect. Soft lamb’s ear provides a textural foil.


MATERIALS: Freesias from The Sun Valley Group; lamb’s ear (Stachys) from Dos Osos Multifloro; vase from Jamali Garden Supplies.




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