the color palette

 Bold yet organic colors reminiscent of tribal handicrafts are represented here, from oranges and saturated blues to deep fuchsias and brown-tinged reds.





Our sense of world citizenship and adventure inspire Nomad, which brings together tribal influences from around the globe. Handcrafted and collected elements, such as souvenirs from world travels, are important to the theme, giving it an eclectic yet personalized feeling.




No single flower dominates this tapestry of color, which mixes traditional and exotic flowers to give it overall a more worldly aesthetic. The woven rug, quilted wall hanging,  bamboo bowl and textured vase support the handcrafted vignette.   

MATERIALS: Gerrondo® Gerberas from Green Valley Floral; ‘Pink Mink’ Proteas from Ameri-Cal Floral; pincushions (Leucospermum) and billy buttons (Craspedia) from Ocean View Flowers; pods from favorite supplier; vase from Sullivans; bamboo bowl from Jamali Garden Supplies; wall hanging and rug from personal collection.  


key flowers to consider


Exotic flowers, such as Proteas or Anthuriums, or those which because of their form can masquerade as “exotic,” such as parrot tulips, fit best in this look. Patterned leaves, which seem almost handpainted themselves, also are important here.  

arranging tips


Flowers are carefully arranged into intricate and sometimes woven designs to fit the “Nomad” theme of handcrafting. Natural and handmade embellishments are good additions to these arrangements


merchandising tip


Create a miniature foreign bazaar in your shop. Gauzy fabric draped from the ceiling can create a tentlike effect within which florals can mix with bright textiles and other collected items with Middle Eastern or African influences. Enhance the mood by playing world music in the background.

accents and motifs


exotic fruits

beading and woven textiles

naive geometric patterns

multicultural influences

sustainable and recycled materials

handcrafted items




This fantasy tree of curly willow and billy buttons has an otherworldly quality; it may call to mind, for some, Africa’s famed baobab tree.


MATERIALS: billy buttons (Craspedia) from Ocean View Flowers; permanent curly willow from Sebree Wholesale; container from Sullivans.











A patterned leaf rolled within a clear glass bud vase hides the mechanics and showcases the leaf’s nature-made geometrics. Beads strung on rawhide add a simple handmade element.


MATERIALS: Anthurium from Ever-Bloom; Cymbidium orchids and papyrus (Cyperus) from Tayama Greenhouses; Gerrondo® Gerberas from Green Valley Floral; Milk Jug Bud Vase from Syndicate Sales; rawhide string and beads from craft store.  



Iris foliage is intricately woven to support the colorful flowers in this arrangement that pays homage to the hand-looming process.


MATERIALS: Gerrondo® Gerberas from Green Valley Floral; Irises from The Sun Valley Group; Delphiniums from Ocean View Flowers; coneflowers and dill from Dos Osos Multifloro; Lycopodium from Tayama Greenhouses; Iris foliage from favorite supplier; vases from burton + BURTON




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