the color palette

Purple is a fashion-forward hue that plays a key role in this palette, which combines lustrous grayed purples, plums and fuchsias with luminous gold and silver metallics and black as its canvas.  



Our addiction to celebrity culture and haute couture drives Nocturne, which brings a sense of the pampered, rich lifestyle to anyone who wants to partake. While there is a noir feel to this look, it retains a frenzied, energetic beat with its backdrop of city life.






Showy Gladioli and Cattleya orchids communicate the luxury of the “Nocturne” palette, and their impact is enhanced with the sleek black setting.


MATERIALS: ‘Purple Violetta’ Gladioli from Glad-A-Way Gardens; Cattleya orchids from Tayama Greenhouses; roses from Eufloria Flowers; Gerberas from Ever-Bloom; stocks from Ocean View Flowers; Mezzo Vase (black) from Accent Décor; candleholders from Sullivans; Footed Hurricane and Aquafoam® Designer Ring from Syndicate Sales; pillar candles from favorite supplier; black cake stand from private collection.


key flowers to consider

Luxurious, oversized blooms, such as lilies, callas and giant Alliums, as well as precious florals, such as orchids and roses, bring a literal and figurative richness to the palette



arranging tips  

Over-the-top mass designs with accents such as a bit of “bling” or a focus on showy blooms define arrangements in the “Nocturne” theme. Blocks of color and floral materials bring impact to the designs because they allow the singular flowers to stand out


merchandising tip  

If you dare, paint a section of your display space black to show how the vibrant arrangements that distinguish “Nocturne” stand out. Polished black containers, a touch of gold and perhaps even a black chandelier could complete the atmosphere for this urban look.


accents and motifs  



shimmering surfaces

lush fabrics and fur

urban nightlife

black crystal

burnished metallics



Massed groupings of floral materials and colors are important to the “Nocturne” palette because they heighten the drama of the individual flowers.


MATERIALS: ‘Cool Water’ and ‘Blue Bird’ roses from Eufloria Flowers; ‘Purple Passion’ Gladioli from Glad-A-Way Gardens; Gerrondo® Gerberas from Green Valley Floral; miniature callas from CallaCo; Hydrangeas from The Sun Valley Group; Element container from Accent Décor.










A sophisticated grouping of three bud vases bursting with blooms is opulent in its massed effect.


MATERIALS: Cattleya orchids from Tayama Greenhouses; miniature callas from CallaCo; Glass Vases from Sullivans; tray from favorite supplier.











Lush additions—a wrap of beaded felt and a touchable, exotic ostrich feather—take a simple design upscale.


MATERIALS: ‘Blue Bird’ roses from Eufloria Flowers; stocks from Ocean View Flowers; kale from Dos Osos Multifloro; ostrich feather from Knud Nielsen Company; Square Bud Vase from Syndicate Sales; Bling It On self-adhesive rhinestones from Bouquet Jewels™ by Flora Europa; felt from craft store.




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