the color palette

 Hues reminiscent of vegetation and sky are key to “Habitat.” The greens are more gentle, yellowed greens. Touches of blue call to mind air and water while a dirt brown anchors the palette.




Habitat reveals a curiosity about the natural world and reflects our renewed focus on the environment. It also embraces a somewhat British sensibility, celebrating floral materials and found natural objects for their distinctive qualities and displaying them as if ready for an English botanist’s study. Birds with character add a bit of wit and lighten the seriousness.







Floral materials are

segregated inthis design

for extra impact, and natural

wood containers highlight

its “green” focus.


MATERIALS: Hydrangeas from The Sun Valley Group; figs, artichokes, millet, mint, wheat and Scabiosa pods from Dos Osos Multifloro; Dieffenbachia leaves from Tayama Greenhouses; wood candlesticks and footed bowl from Roost.  


key flowers to consider


Botanicals that draw one back to the earth are important, such as grasses, mosses and pods. More traditional flowers, such as roses, callas and Hydrangeas, are incorporated in key colors



arranging tips


Groupings of elements bring attention to the ingredients, as do single-bloom displays reminiscent of a botanist’s specimen display. Classic English tussies seem at home in “Habitat.” And Wardian cases and glass cloches are perfect mini-environments within which to display “specimen” florals.


merchandising tip


Use a bookcase as a backdrop upon which to replicate an English study, where these designs would be at home. Incorporate classic bird and botanical prints; old books; nests; and butterfly, bug or egg collections along with the florals.  


accents and motifs


botanical prints

birds, nests and eggs

specimen plants

mosses and lichens

modern British floral patterns

environmental awareness

Wardian cases and cloches



This more formal tussie-mussie style design, placed off-center in a green-tinted vase, reflects “Habitat” in its English origins for a mix of florals.


MATERIALS: ‘Super Green’ roses from Eufloria Flowers; Delphiniums from Ocean View Flowers; Sedum from Ameri-Cal Floral; dill, scented geranium leaves, Berzelia and chinaberries from Dos Osos Multifloro; Green Tapered Cylinder from Jamali Garden Supplies.









An egg-filled nest perched among textural botanicals is preserved in a world under glass within this cloche.


 MATERIALS: Hydrangeas from The Sun Valley Group; cockscomb (Celosia), figs and dill from Dos Osos Multifloro; nest from Knud Nielsen Company; cloche from burton + BURTON; glass compote and quail eggs from favorite suppliers.












Though two types of blooms are showcased here, both callas and tulips, the design has the feeling of a specimen display.


MATERIALS: tulips from The Sun Valley Group; ‘Green Goddess’ callas from CallaCo; Koral Vase from Jamali Garden Supplies.




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