Luxury Weddings – I do or I don’t?


Luxury weddings ($100,000 budget or more) account for a smaller portion of the customer base than the “average wedding spend” (which is probably closer to $30,000), so if you haven’t made your mark in the luxury wedding business, you’re in the majority.

I’ve seen courses and workshops for florists about “how to book more luxury events,” but the truth is that most florists don’t rely on luxury events to keep their registers ringing. In fact, many florists aren’t fully equipped to pull off a luxury event. The additional staffing, workspace, cooler space, rental inventory, etc., require an upfront investment of time and resources, so if you don’t do luxury weddings, you’re actually in line with other florists.

Luxury weddings look great in a portfolio, and they can be dazzling on social media, but if you don’t have a team you can count on to work tirelessly until the job is complete, pulling off a large-scale event can be particularly difficult. The sheer quantity of work involved in creating centerpieces for 200 or more guests, a hanging installation over the dance floor and an elaborate arbor or chuppah – plus the Friday evening rehearsal dinner and Sunday morning brunch – can be tremendous pressure for a solo floral-preneur. If you don’t have a reliable team of professionals, luxury weddings can make you feel like you’re in way over your head.

I wanted. It’s been greatly rewarding to be able to employ the people we do and serve our customers and the community.

Fact: You don’t have to aim for high-end weddings to be a successful florist.

To have a successful business, you must turn a profit, but your business should do more than make you money – it should make you feel happy and fulfilled as well.

In other words, success shouldn’t mean you have to dwell in a constant state of overwhelm or aim for goals that aren’t truly in your heart.

The more the client spends, the higher the expectation, and why not? When clients pay a premium price, they expect premium service, too.

So if you’re intimidated by the sheer volume of work that comes with a $20,000+ floral budget and higher-expectation clients who are interested in all the details, or if you’re simply not interested in providing the extra time, attention and multiple on-site meetings that surely will be expected for high-end events, then luxury events may not be part of your small-business model.

Most of my weddings are in my sweet spot, the $3,500-$6,500 range. I’ll take bigger events a few times a year, and I may take smaller weddings, too, but when I work in my sweet spot, I can feel confident about the quality I can deliver. These weddings are big enough to make it worth my while to block off my week/weekend, yet I can probably fit all the floral in my minivan for delivery without renting a larger vehicle.

Every florist will have to define his or her own sweet spot for weddings and events, so if more work and more volume is what you desire, and you’re located in an area where couples are spending more than the average, then taking on luxury events may be a great market for you.

But if you’re like most florists who work with most couples, there’s nothing wrong with owning that and treating each one of your average weddings like it’s one of a kind – because to this client, it is! Keep doing beautiful work!

By Alison Ellis