how to use video pins
By Megan Deese

Pinterest is becoming a popular social media website, especially for brides and wedding professionals to share wedding ideas and inspirations. Pinterest has had a great feature called “video pins” for almost a year now, but few people know about it or use it. This can be a useful tool to market your business and develop a connection with your followers on Pinterest.

What is a video pin?
Video pins work just like a picture pin, but they are more than just a picture! Video pins allow you to upload your favorite YouTube videos or videos from your personal YouTube channel. Currently, only YouTube videos can be pinned, but Pinterest is working on video pins being compatible with other video sharing websites.

How do you share a video on Pinterest?
Videos are shared just like other links on Pinterest. Just push the “Pin it” button in your bookmarks bar whenever you want to post a certain YouTube video. And if it’s a video within a blog post, you can simply use a “Pin it” button if that blog owner has it listed for you to share.

Why should you use video pins?
A video can show and tell much more than a picture can. Video pins are great for sharing DIY or tutorial videos. They can also be great for sharing testimonials from clients, promotional videos or videos from your blog that include how-to’s and fun bridal tips. If you have your own YouTube channel, putting your own videos on Pinterest could lead to more traffic on your personal YouTube channel and website. If you do not have a YouTube account or channel, you can sign up for one for free at

How video pins can improve your Pinterest account
Video pins allow more sharing and viewing options. They can lead viewers to find and be inspired by new content and ideas or relive and share in real wedding moments. Video pins also have a more personal feel and make your followers feel more connected to you. Remember, with all social media, it’s about you being a valuable resource for content, ideas and inspiration. This is yet another way to do that.

Other video pin tips
• Add a “Pin It” button to your YouTube channel for others to be able to share your videos with their friends.
• Direct more traffic to your Pinterest account with videos. In your videos that you share to Pinterest, give viewers your Pinterest username and ask them to follow you so they can see all of your other great boards and ideas.
• Always describe the video content in the description box so viewers will know what to expect, and make it interesting so they will have no choice but to watch your video and then re-pin it!


Megan Deese is a marketing intern at Event-planning entrepreneur Natalie Bradley publishes the “Bride Attraction” e-zine. Get your free audio course “How to Close the Sale Without Fail!” here.



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