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keeping employees motivated during the Christmas season
  by Bob Negen

Surviving the long holiday season in a flower shop can be tough — especially since everyone has lots of things going on in their personal lives as well. Everyone gets a little stressed and a lot tired.

Here are eight ideas you can use throughout December to keep your staff motivated, engaged, focused on selling and having fun!

Print this article, and keep it handy as you plan for and enter the season. Hopefully these ideas will get you thinking of more of your own.

1. “Pass the Buck”
Start the day with a $20 bill. The bill gets passed to whoever has the biggest sale at the moment. The person who has the biggest sale at the end of the day keeps it.

2. “Holiday Cheer Contest”
Whoever dresses with the most outrageous holiday cheer on a given day wins a prize. Let customers who come into the store that day vote for the winner.

3. “Average Sale Extravaganza”
Whoever has the highest average sale for the day gets the prize.

4. “Team Target”
Pick a sales goal for a specific day or week — or even the entire season — and if you as a team hit it, everyone gets a prize.

5. “Add-On Madness”
Give your staff a list of six or so impulse-sales items. Whoever sells the highest number of these items wins the prize.

6. “Clearance Push”
Whoever sells the most items and the most dollars (two prizes) from your “clearance table” wins the prizes.

7. “Digging for Dollars”
Start with a big jar full of $1 bills. Figure out what the average sale amounts were during last December for several product categories — fresh arrangements, outgoing wire orders, giftware/decorative accessories, etc. For every sale in a particular category employees make that exceeds last year’s average, they get to dig out a dollar. Implement this incentive on selected days, for a specific week or throughout the entire month of December.

8. Take a break
As the holiday draws near, you’re going to have lots of last-minute shoppers. Plan to offer something special for them and your employees (holiday refreshments is a simple idea). Allow employees to take a few moments to enjoy the season and have fun with your customers. This relationship building will pay off more than you can imagine, especially in customer loyalty.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1. Your prizes don’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but they do have to be worthwhile. Here are a few ideas.

• Tickets to the movies or the theater, a comedy club, sporting and other events, etc.
• Items donated by your vendors (yes, tell them what you’re doing, and ask them to donate a prize)
• Gift cards for popular local coffee shops and/or restaurants (maybe you could barter or trade-out for these
• A paid day off after the holiday
• A gift certificate to your store
• The always-popular cash

The list of ideas can go on and on, but remember that nothing ruins a fun contest more than unwanted or cheap prizes.

2. Make sure your team understands that serving your customers is more important than winning the contest. Be careful to manage competitiveness. You want your staff to have fun competing, but you don’t want your customers to feel they are pawns in someone’s game.

Source: WhizBang! Training Tip of the Week #482, Dec. 16, 2011.

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