Contemporary Christmas
German floral designer Gregor Lersch reveals his latest holiday designs in the new book Modern Floral Christmas Works.

Fresh for the season of festivity, this new book offers a creative European spin on Advent and Christmas arrangements. In Modern Floral Christmas Works, German designer Gregor Lersch combines contemporary materials and noble craftsmanship in more than 120 compositions, categorized into seven themes, many of which can be used for displays or exhibitions. Detailed descriptions, including sketches and lists of materials, are provided along with practical tips and explanations.

Modern Floral Christmas Works is available from the Florists’ Review Bookstore.

dramatic sky A captivating ceiling adorned with 32,000 pine cones makes an impressive textural display above an array of seasonal botanical décor. To create the structure for the pine cones, cut iron construction mesh to the size of the room, and hang it from the ceiling with strong hooks. Attach bronze wire netting to the iron mesh, covering it completely and creating a fine grid onto which the cones can be hung closely together. Attach the cones with wire.

lichen wood plate This enchanting composition, created with an iron ring base, defines a large room. Its rustic appearance fits perfectly in the rural ambiance of a hotel foyer, restaurant or banquet hall for a Christmas party. The horizontal focal point—created with pine cones, ivy tendrils, smilax berries and other accents—is positioned slightly above the middle, giving the arrangement a gentle tension. ■


Reprinted from Modern Floral Christmas Works.
© 2011 FloralDesign Edition by kriener-potthoff communications, Münster, Germany. Softcover. 312 pages. GL512 $99.95.
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