garden grace
Coordinating casket sprays, set pieces and arrangements convey a gardeny aesthetic in a trio of color schemes.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

Tranquil Wisps

Though lily grass is often arranged in a radial manner, it makes a sweeping sculptural statement in this grand wreath. Swirled among the green- and cream-hued botanicals, bundles of the grass provide a sense of motion.

MATERIALS: ‘Green Fashion’ roses, ‘Jade’ and white Trachelium, and Hypericum from Esmeralda Farms; salal, lily grass (Liriope) and succulent plant from favorite suppliers; Never-Wilt® Deluxe Snap-Fit Wreath from The John Henry Company; Oasis® Waterproof Tape from Oasis® Floral Products; wood picks from W.J. Cowee; Dixon® Pins from Dixon Products. ■



Attach wood picks to bundles of lily grass with waterproof tape.

Secure the bundles on each side of the top center into the wreath form.

Swirl the lily grass among the flowers, and secure with Dixon pins.


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