Flower Foods Made Simple: A List of All the Products You Need to Properly Care for Your Cut Flowers

In our recent survey of florists’ care and handling practices — the results of which are published in our June issue (“Care and Handling: What’s Really Going On,” Page 61) — we mentioned a number of products (generically) and explained when and how they should be used in a flower shop.

To help you identify and purchase care and handling products (contact your favorite wholesaler), here is a list of brand names for each type of product, from the three largest suppliers. An explanation of each solution type follows the list.


Full-Dose Flower Foods
(Vase Solutions, Preservative Solutions)

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Clear Professional 3
  • Chrysal Professional 3 Powder

Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® Flower Food
  • Floralife Crystal Clear® Flower Food

Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • Aquaplus® “The Difference is Clear” Fresh Flower Nutrient & Water Clarifier


Low-Dose Flower Foods
(Holding/Storage/Display/Processing Solutions)

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Clear Professional 2 Classic
  • Chrysal Clear Professional 2 Concentrated
  • Chrysal Clear Professional 2 T-Bag™

Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® Clear Professional™ Flower Food
  • Floralife® Professional™ Flower Food
  • Floralife Professional® 2X Ultra Flower Food
  • Floralife® eZ Dose™ Storage Solution
  • Floralife® Rose Professional Flower Food

Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • AquaHold® Clear
  • AquaHold® Pro


Rose Flower Foods

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal RosePro™ Vase Solution
Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® Premium Rose Flower Food


Bulb Flower Foods

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Clear Bulb Flower Food

Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® Bulb Flower Food, Clear


Dosing Units

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Dosing Unit

Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® FloraCare Dosing Units and Dispensing System

Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • Aquacare Dispensing Pump (Dosatron)
  • Aquaplus® Proportioning Unit
  • A+ 5-Gallon Dispensing Unit
  • Hand Pumps


Flower Food - Consumer Packets

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Clear Universal Flower Food Sachets
  • Chrysal Clear Liquid Rose Food Sticks
  • Chrysal RosePro™ Liquid Flower Food Sticks

Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® Crystal Clear™ Flower Food Packets
  • Floralife® Floroma™ Scented Flower Food Packets
  • Floralife® Bulb Flower Food Packets
  • Floralife® Premium Rose Flower Food Packets

Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • Aquaplus® “The Difference is Clear” Fresh Flower Nutrient & Water Clarifier Packets


Hydration Solutions

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Clear Professional 1 Hydrating Solution
  • Chrysal RosePro™ Hydration Solution

Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® Hydraflor® 100 Hydration Postharvest Treatment
  • Floralife Quick Dip® Instant Hydration Pretreatment

Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • Hydraplus®
  • HydraQuik®


Cleaners / Disinfectants

Chrysal USA
  • Chrysal Professional Cleaner
Floralife, Inc.
  • Floralife® D.C.D.® Industrial Cleaner
Syndicate Sales, Inc.
  • Fresh-n-Clean®


Solution Types Defined

1. Full-dose flower-food solutions (sometimes called vase solutions or preservative solutions) contain a scientific balance of acidifiers and biocides as well as nutrients (sugar), to promote bud development, stabilize color and enhance fragrance.

Additional ingredients may include growth regulators or anti-ethylene substances and agents to draw out certain salts, dirt and debris. Full-dose flower foods are designed for use with flowers that are ready for sale.

2. Low-dose flower-food solutions (a.k.a. holding solutions, storage solutions, display solutions or processing solutions) have a balance of acidifiers and biocides, like full-dose flower foods, but less sugar than full-dose flower foods. They are designed for use at the grower and wholesaler levels as well as in retail shops to keep blooms healthy and turgid but not popping open.

3. Hydration solutions are used at every step of distribution chain, from grower to wholesaler to retailer, to unplug flower stems and stimulate the flow of solution into stems. They contain:

 • bactericides - to control microbial growth in the solution and stems
 • a buffer (acidifier) - to lower the pH of the water/solution
 • a wetting agent - to accelerate water uptake.

No nutrient (sugar) is included in these solutions.

For wilt-sensitive flowers like roses, Hydrangeas and Gerberas, hydration solutions are used as a pretreatment and again each time dry-packed flowers are processed.



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