A new book from Bloom's explores Euro-style permanent and dried floral décor for offices and homes.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD

Floral elements bring color and life to even the most austere settings. When fresh flowers and plants aren’t called for, however, long-lasting permanent options are strong substitutes.

In the new book from German publisher Bloom’s GmbH, called Everlasting (Dauerhaft): Floral Decorations for Offices and Homes, designers demonstrate how to decorate both commercial and personal spaces using permanent floral materials along with some dried florals as well.

Everlasting, which is a new offering in the Florists’ Review Bookstore, will inspire you to expand your creativity, whatever the materials or décor.

regal reception
Grand vases, on scale with the spacious reception area in which they are housed, are filled with leafless cherry branches and permanent Phalaenopsis orchids. Carefully intertwined to form an open armature, the branches support the stems of orchids as well as a few other permanent botanicals.



tabletop accent
A permanent cherry branch, created to appear gnarled by weather and age, is secured into a foam-filled base and enhanced by permanent berried branches and Magnolia blossoms. While the scale is dramatically different, this small centerpiece coordinates perfectly with its oversized reception-area counterparts.

  Reprinted from Dauerhaft (Everlasting) by Carolin Wübbels. © Bloom’s GmbH 2012. To order this book, click here or call Florists’ Review at (800) 367-4708. Hardcover. More than 250 photos. 136 pages.
BLEV212 $95.

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