Traveling across the country to create this setting for her son’s wedding was a challenge for florist Clara Putlitz, who counts the event as her first long-distance wedding. Five months before the big day, Ms. Putlitz flew to Pittsburgh—more than 2,200 miles from her business—to scout available wholesale florists with her future daughter-in-law, who, along with the groom, are corporate employees of Marc Jacobs in New York City. “I chose Pittsburgh Cut Flower Company, and Richard Lowe and his staff were beyond helpful and gracious,” she says. “They had everything set up for me so I could cut the flowers right there and store whatever I needed in their coolers.”

(top right) Mr. and Mrs. Reed Putlitz seal their vows with a kiss beneath the pergola, which was covered with an array of white flowers and verdant foliages including Hydrangeas, ‘Tibet’ roses, Dahlias, Ruscus, variegated Pittosporum, salal, flowering pear and flowering dogwood.

(top left) Before: This white pergola outside the home of the bride’s aunt and uncle was transformed with an array of flowers and foliages.

(bottom left) Hydrangea-covered spheres hang from shepherd’s hooks along the outdoor aisle leading to the beautiful nuptial setting. The look extended to a stationary garden lantern.

(bottom right) Carrying a simple bouquet of white miniature callas, the bride and her new husband retreat down the petal-
covered path.

On site at the bride’s aunt and uncle’s beautiful rural estate, Ms. Putlitz utilized their spacious daylight basement, which she says was “just perfect for the design work.” She shares that she had never worked in humid weather before, but the flowers held up beautifully.

The couple desired an elegant, simple look, with white as the predominant color. Ms. Putlitz festooned a pergola overlooking a pond with 40 feet of garland made of variegated Pittosporum and salal along with flowering pear and dogwood foliage that was growing on site, then she arranged white Hydrangeas, ‘Tibet’ roses and Dahlias—flown in from Swan Island Dahlias in Oregon—among the foliages.

Four Hydrangea-covered spheres hung from shepherd’s hooks, which lined the aisle, with two on each side.



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