How to eliminate the competition in your bridal business

By Natalie Bradley

In order to really be seen by brides, you have to stop being a follower! I know that it can be scary sometimes when it seems like everyone else is doing one thing, so you think you should, too. But, when it comes to marketing to brides, you have to stop thinking like this and be …. YOU!

You are your USP. Many marketers talk about capitalizing on your USP—your Unique Selling Proposition—but what does that mean? Well, it’s kind of simple when you break it down. Your personality, your style, and even your quirky nature is what makes brides flock to you by the dozens. Embrace it; don’t fight it! What makes you different? What sets you apart? What do you do that is special? Do you have a method to your services? Do you offer something that no one else does? Really think about this, and make a list. This is more important than most wedding professionals realize.

When you step into who you really are, this is where the magic happens! No one else can be you like you can! When you step into who you are fully, everyone else will fall away. There will no longer be any competition. It’s that simple. When you get comfortable being you, when you put more of you into your marketing message, and when you use your style, personality and character in your business, brides will line up at your door!

Brides are all tuned in to the same radio station—WIIFM—“What’s in it for me?” Understanding this, and marketing to them in this way while using more of your flair will make you emerge as the expert in your area immediately. Stop talking about “we” and “I.” Instead, talk about “you” and “your.” How can you help the bride? How can you make a difference on her wedding day and in her life as a result? How are you the answer to her prayers?

Brides want their problems solved. They don’t care what you do; they care what you can do for them. Take your ego out of your marketing, and replace it with real solutions to eliminate problems for brides. It’s a simple switch, yet hardly anyone is doing it in this industry. Once you can speak to a bride’s pains and problems, explain how you can solve them for her, and show how you are the answer she’s been looking for, you are set—plain and simple!

Your Bride Attraction Assignment:
Brainstorm for a minute.
• How are you different from the other wedding professionals in your industry?
• What makes you special?
• What is it about your personality that people love?
• How can you solve problems for brides that you hadn’t thought of before?
• What will make a bride come running to you with her credit card out?

Capitalize on your strengths. Minimize your weaknesses. Now market to brides with a LOT of you and all your strengths and solutions. And….Go!

Event Planning entrepreneur Natalie Bradley publishes the “Bride Attraction” weekly e-zine. Get your free audio course “How to Close the Sale Without Fail!” at




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