eight easy ways to thank employees
By Bob Negen

Your employees are vitally important to your business. They are the ones standing face to face with your customers bringing, or failing to bring, money into the cash register.

If they are doing a great job, be sure to let them know—and say “thank you.”


Here are eight easy ways to thank your staff.

1. Catch them doing something right on the selling floor, and praise them then and there. The more you praise good behavior, the more good behavior you’ll see.

2. Put thank-you Post-it notes on their paychecks. Be sure to thank them specifically for something wonderful they did during the pay period. That’s more effective than a generic “Thanks.”

3. Send thank-you notes to their homes. No one sends “real” mail any more, so it feels special to get a card in the mail.

4. Send a letter to someone close to an employee — a spouse/significant other, child, parent, etc. — and tell that person how great the employee is and how happy you are to have him or her working with you.

5. Post a thank-you on your Facebook page. Letting your customers know how much you value your employees is a big deal. Name names, and tell specifically why each person is a great part of your business.

6. Give them movie tickets and an afternoon off. With pay, of course!

7. Cook for them. Bring in their favorite goodies with a big thank-you sign attached. You could even decorate a cake with the words “Thank You.”
Note: store-bought is good, but homemade with love is better.

8. Give them their annual reviews with a raise. Be sure to let them know, formally, how much you value their work for your company.

Go ahead — try one of these ideas today.

You'll be surprised how good your employees will feel and how good you will feel.

Bob Negen is a highly sought-after public speaker, retail expert and best-selling author. His company, WhizBang! Training, is a leader in the field of training independent retailers to run successful stores.

In addition to being one of the most innovative retail marketers in the world today, Mr. Negen is also an expert on retail staff development; on-the-floor selling; store operations; and developing a customer-focused, service-driven store culture.

He delivers practical, down-to-earth ideas that really work. There’s no fluff, no highfalutin academic theories, no corporate mumbo jumbo. Mr. Negen’s expertise comes from his real-world experience as an independent storeowner for 20 years.

Mr. Negen co-authored the best-selling book, Marketing Your Retail Store in the Internet Age and recently completed the Retail Mastery System. This system is the most comprehensive training resource ever created for independent retailers and teaches all the critical business skills that store owners need to be successful.

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