extend your cooler’s life

• Check temperature several times daily.
• Remove broken leaves, flowers and other debris from cooler shelves and floor.
• Clean all shelving and glass surfaces to remove water spots, fingerprints, etc.

• Clean the interior walls and floor with a professional cleanser (Chrysal Professional Cleaner, Floralife® D.C.D.® Cleaner or Fresh-n-Clean® from Syndicate Sales).
• Wipe clean the evaporator coil (fan) housing and fan guard inside the cooler.
• Wipe the door gaskets to keep them clean and sealing properly.
• Wipe the cooler exterior, including the compressor/condensing unit cover, with a soft, damp cloth. Touch up nicks and scratches to prevent corrosion.
• Clean the top of the cooler; if the compressor/condensing unit is located on top of the cooler, remove any obstructions that would restrict air circulation.

• Blow out the dust from the compressor/condensing unit coils (outside the cooler) with a utility vacuum that can reverse its airflow or a can of compressed air.
• Inspect walk-in coolers for water on the wall or near a seam; this may indicate an air leak. Seal any leaks with silicone.
• Check the dates on ethylene filters, and replace as needed.

• Clean the evaporator coil (part of the fan unit inside the cooler) every six to 12 months. You can hire a professional to do this, or if you do it yourself, turn off the cooler, open the fan unit and clean the coil with a pump sprayer filled with bleach and water or vinegar and water.

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