Capturing Brides Online

Seven things wedding vendors can email, blog or tweet about.

By Christine Dyer

Email is an amazing vehicle to help build and deepen relationships with your customers. But what does one include in an e-newsletter in order to effectively connect with customers?

First and foremost, I believe that you should send out e-newsletters only if you believe they will help or provide value to your customers. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of having your customers opt out of your future emails. Here are seven categories of content that work well for sending out emails, blogging, tweeting or posting on your Facebook page.

1 Wedding tips. We all know that wedding planning can be stressful and overwhelming. Based on your expertise, what content can you create or gather that can help make a bride’s life easier?

2 Trends and research. Including facts and statistics within your email will add credibility to your message. If you choose this route, be sure to credit all your research sources.

3 Wedding ideas and inspiration. Why not inspire brides by providing examples of real weddings that you have ? Or perhaps recap a wedding fashion show that you went to. Including images will grab their attention, give them ideas for their wedding and give them a glimpse of your own personal style of work.

4 Special wedding offers. Are you running a special promotion that brides can benefit from? This is a great way to deliver value to your audience.

5 New products or services. Have you launched a new product or service that brides will benefit from? Email is a great way to publicize this type of information to your customers.

6 Interviews. Capture brides’ attention by recapping an interview or encounter that you may have had with a wedding trendsetter. Be sure to include insights that the trendsetter shared, which might enhance a bride’s big day.

7 A backstage look at your business. I’ve purposely included this category last because, in marketing, I believe that it is better to put yourself last. Unless you happen to be a celebrity or popular icon, your audience is not going to want to read about what you did this past weekend. It is true that they want to know that there is a real person behind your brand, but if you decide to provide a backstage look at your business, be sure that your content is still helping or providing value to your bridal audience.

Christine Dyer is the creator and founder of, a weekly blog with advice on an array of wedding business topics such as how to market to brides, social networking, wedding PR, wedding sales, vendor networking, branding, pricing and much more. Ms. Dyer has an MBA in marketing and shares more than 10 years of marketing experience with the wedding community. Sign up for a free BridalTweet membership at


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