round bouquet

Learn to create this classically shaped bridal composition.

Often arranged in floral-foam bouquet holders, round bouquets can be designed to face upward or forward, depending on the type of bouquet holder used. The bouquet shown here is crafted in the classic forward-facing style using a slant-handled bouquet holder.

Once designers have mastered the steps for creating a round bouquet, they’ll soon appreciate these bouquets’ versatility; they can be stylized to suit a variety of nuptials, from casual to formal, and can be easily enhanced with collars, elongated and more.

MATERIALS: roses, Freesias, button spray chrysanthemums, Hypericum, leatherleaf fern, ming fern and ribbon from favorite suppliers; Lomey® Bouquet Holder from Oasis® Floral Products.

Soak the floral-foam bouquet holder in properly prepared flower-food solution. Establish the circular outline of the bouquet by inserting three 4-inch-long leatherleaf fern tips into the sides of the foam in a “Y” shape. Add three more leatherleaf fern tips in the spaces between the original three.
Arrange short leatherleaf fern tips into the center of the flat (top) surface of the foam. Position the fern tips in a radiating manner, extending from the center outward.
Cut three rose stems to a length of 4.5 to 5 inches. Insert these roses into the foam near the center of the bouquet holder, positioning them so the top rose faces slightly upward, the center rose faces slightly outward and the bottom rose faces slightly downward.

Arrange three more roses into the sides of the foam in a “Y” pattern.

Arrange the remaining three roses into the sides of the foam in the spaces between the three roses placed in the previous step.

Cut individual button mums from the main stem, and arrange them among the roses. Allow a moderate amount of variation in stem length to create depth, but be sure that some of the centrally placed mums have enough length to create the desired dome shape.

Insert stems of ming fern to add softness and further define the dome shape.

Arrange the Freesias into open spaces throughout the design, and tuck clusters of Hypericum into any remaining spaces.
Embellish with ribbon, and finish the handle and back of the bouquet as desired.




This design was excerpted from the book Flower Arranging: Step-by-Step Instructions for Everyday Designs, by Teresa P. Lanker. Softcover. 160 pages. $29.95.

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