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Lifelike preserved botanicals, guaranteed to pass for fresh, can be lifesavers in wedding and event florals.

Expertly preserved roses look and feel very much like their freshly cut counterparts, but, in the heat of a summer’s day, preserved roses will continue to maintain their radiant appearance, no matter how long the wedding photographs take. So if you live in a torrid region or are called upon to create wedding florals in one, consider a bouquet of preserved materials.

Here, a single scarlet rose is surrounded by burgundy salal leaves, also preserved, which extend the striking blossom’s diameter, so the finished bouquet resembles a grand composite rose. A decorative bouquet holder matches the blossom perfectly, but all of the elements in this composition can easily be altered as needed to suit couples’ color preferences.

MATERIALS: Rose Amor preserved rose head from Mountain Farms; preserved salal from Right Choice USA Farms; Posy Pockets® bouquet holder from Cameo MacGuffin; Designer Dish from Syndicate Sales; Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue from Oasis® Floral Products.

Dip the flat end of a decorative bouquet holder into hot-melt (pan) glue. Adhere the holder to the center of the basin of a plastic dish.
Dip the stem ends of preserved salal leaves into hot-melt glue, and adhere the leaves, in overlapping rows, around the exterior of the inverted plastic bowl.
Dip the base of a preserved rose into hot-melt glue, and place it atop the leafy creation.

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