1. Beau-TEA-ful Job (thank you). A sampler of flavored teas; honey or honey sticks; fresh lemons; tea cookies, scones or muffins; and accessories such as tea cups, a pot and a diffuser. Package on a serving tray.

2. Bon Voyage. Disposable camera, small journal or address book, note cards, stamps, pens, sunscreen, bottled water, crackers, gum, aspirin, motion sickness pills, currency and time zone converters, a foreign language pocket dictionary and luggage tags. Package in a small suitcase, beach bag or backpack.

3. Breakfast in Bed. Fruits and fruit dips; muffins and bagels; jams, jellies and honey; coffees, teas or cocoas; a tea towel or cloth napkins; and a morning newspaper or city magazine. Package on a bed tray or serving tray.

4. Evening by the Seashore. Clam dip kit; crackers; shell-handled hors d’oeuvres spreaders; crab cakes kit; seafood marinades; tins of smoked salmon, oysters or scallops; seashell-shaped chocolates; and seashell-shaped candles. Package in a clam bucket or in fish net.

5. Grill Master. Fresh herbs, herb seed packets or a window sill herb garden kit; barbecue “rubs” and other exotic spices or seasonings; marinades or marinade mixes; an apron; long matches or butane lighter; wood chips; and assorted barbecue utensils. Package in a charcoal bucket.

6. Happy Hanukkah. Potato pancake mix; Hanukkah cookie mix with cookie cutters; kosher smoked meats and fish; nuts, especially almonds; marzipan; chocolates in shapes of dreidels, Stars of David and menorahs; gold-wrapped chocolate coins; kids’ Hanukkah books and toys; and candles for a menorah.

7. Heal in a Hurry. A deck of cards; crossword puzzle, sudoku or other games book and mechanical pencil; a novel or magazine; and easy eats such as pudding, “freeze pops,” fruit juices and, perhaps, a few pieces of fresh fruit.

8. Here Comes Santa Claus. Milk glass, cookie plate, cookies, note pad and pen, plush reindeer, Christmas story book, Advent calender and Santa hat. Package in a Christmas stocking or in a wicker or wooden sleigh.

9. Holy Smokes. Chocolate or cookie wafer cigars; nonalcoholic brandy; a cigar book or magazine; an odor-eating candle; and a keepsake gift such as a cigar cutter, lighter or miniature humidor. Package in a wooden cigar box.

10. Hook, Line and Sinker. Fishing lures and flies, insect repellent, snack mixes and nuts, summer sausage or salami and crackers, hard candies, cigar cookies, and bottled waters or nonalcoholic beer. Package in a creel or straw fishing hat.

11. Housewarming. A return-address rubber stamp with “We’ve Moved” note cards; assorted coffees, cocoas and teas; mugs or a pot, perhaps imprinted with a company logo, if the gift is from a realtor or other business; candied or chocolate-covered stir sticks; biscottis and fancy cookies; and a small dessert cake or cheesecake.

12. How Does Your Garden Grow? Seed kits for a wildflower, hummingbird, butterfly or cat-lover garden; potting soil; gardening gloves; trowel; and a kneeling pad or knee pads. Package in a clay pot or gardening caddy.

13. How Do You Spell Relief? An assortment of antistress or relaxation aromatherapy products for home and office including candles, room spray, potpourri and scent diffusers.

14. It’s All About You. Self-indulgence treats such as fragranced body lotion and cream, massage oil, bath salts or bubble bath, back massager, loofah sponge and bath pillow.

15. Keep the Home Fires Burning. Sparkling juices or nonalcoholic champagne or wine, popcorn, cheese or cheese spread and crackers, paté or caviar, and chocolate truffles. Package in a champagne cooler, on a silver tray or in a picnic-type basket.

16. Kwanzaa Celebration. Seven candles—three red, three green and one black—and a kinara (seven-branch candelabrum), fruits, vegetables, ears of corn, nuts, straw place mat, unity goblet or cup and an assortment of small educational gifts.

17. My Main Man. Male grooming products including after-shave balm, shampoo/shower gel, fragrance soap, spa crystals, hand and body balm, and maybe even foot care products. Package in a shaving kit or rustic basket.

18. Paint the Town Red. A pair of theater tickets or tickets to another cultural event; smoked salmon, paté or caviar; Brie, Camembert or Havarti cheese; crackers; nonalcoholic champagne or sparkling juices; premium coffee or tea; and chocolate truffles or liqueur cake. Package on a elegant tray.

19. Pampered Pet. Dog biscuits or cat treats, flea collar, catnip ball, rawhide chews, rubber or yarn toys, and a brush. Package in a food or water dish or a small pet bed.

20. Pizza Party. Pizza crust dough mix or premade crust; pizza sauce; Parmesan cheese and fresh grated cheese; pepperoni; olives; fresh onion, green pepper and mushrooms; spices; and a pizza cutter. Wrap on a pizza stone or pan.

21. Red Hot Cowboy. Spicy salsa and picante sauces; spicy snack mixes, nuts, popcorn, pretzels or chips; hot ’n’ spicy sausage, beef sticks or jerky; canned chili; pepper-flavored cheese; and crackers. Package in a cowboy hat, boot or bandanna-enhanced basket.

22. Splish, Splash (bathtime for baby). A rubber ducky or other bath toy, wash cloth or sponge, baby shampoo and soap, baby lotion or oil, baby powder, hooded towel, diapers and pacifier. Package in a baby bath tub or wicker bassinet.

23. Tailgate Special. Favorite team paraphernalia; face paint in team colors; stadium blanket; sports trivia book; snack mixes and nuts; summer sausage, salami or small boneless ham; cheese or cheese spread and crackers; popcorn; and soda or nonalcoholic beer. Package on a stadium seat, on a seat cushion or in a small hibachi grill.

24. White Christmas. An assortment of white-chocolate goodies, including dipped pretzels and nuts; yogurt-covered raisins, nuts and dried fruits; peppermint bark; divinity; and sugar or white frosted cookies. Package in a wicker or wooden sleigh.

25. You’re the Tops. Ice cream toppings including syrups and sprinkles, waffle cones or bowls, whipped topping spray, crushed nuts, a jar of cherries, sundae glasses and an ice cream scoop.

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