Fulfilling the bride’s wishes for a romantic country look, a square wooden crate holds a glorious mix of seasonal flowers in purple, green and cream hues.

Several Mason jars filled with locally grown seasonal flowers and fragrant herbs create a composite centerpiece with a just-gathered look. Votive candles and single rose blooms in votive holders accent the look.

Picked by florist Jessica Robinson from her garden at 4:30 on the morning of the wedding, antique purple Hydrangeas are arranged into old aluminum sap buckets from her parents’ sugar house. They are accented with simple arrangements of seasonal flowers in various sizes of Mason jars.

Jessica’s Country Flowers, along with nine other vendors, donated its services to the bride and groom, who tied with two other winners in the florist’s third annual “Most Deserving Couple” contest. During her initial consultation with the florist, the bride brought an inspiration board she had created, with elements showcasing her desire for a romantic country theme. “From that, we designed many just-gathered looks,” florist Jessica Robinson says.

Three centerpiece styles graced the reception tables. Two styles featured seasonal flowers arranged into wooden crates and chocolate-footed metal urns, and the third utilized various sizes of Mason jars grouped into a composite centerpiece. Filled with garden roses, bright pink and purple Salvia, and fresh mint and sage, the jar compositions were simple yet impactful. “The smell of fresh herbs is intense and wonderful for a summer wedding,” Ms. Robinson notes.

Jars filled with botanicals also joined buckets of Hydrangeas at the entrances to the barn outside The Farmers’ Museum and throughout the reception.