perfect matches

Coordinating compositions in three color palettes help you meet the varying needs of your bridal couples.
  Designs by Bill J. Harper, AIFD, AAF, FAM

Prime wedding season is almost upon us. And because we’ve heard that brides are looking for ways to save money, we asked designer Bill J. Harper, aifd, aaf, fam to create collections of coordinating bouquets and arrangements with cost-efficiency in mind. These options allow you and your clients complete flexibility to upsize or downsize as needed.

sunny and chic

bride’s bouquet
Elegant parrot tulips and miniature callas are gathered into a sophisticated bouquet that, through the addition of foliage flourishes and a ring of beaded berries, also shows a playful side.

bridesmaids bouquet
Filled with a sunny mix of fresh flowers and foliages, this charming watering can could make an unexpectedly delightful bridesmaids bouquet, or it could serve as a centerpiece for a garden-inspired event. Or, for a money-saving solution, this composition could easily do both; once the ceremony is complete, maids simply place the flower-filled vessels on the tables.

Like its companion pieces, this striking boutonniere is sophisticated with a hint of garden whimsy. Floral adhesive and corsage magnets are all that are needed to create and adhere this stylish lapel offering.
With a primary centerpiece that repeats many of the elements of the bridal bouquet and several small accents that also reflect the gardeny aesthetic, this collection is ideal for allowing couples flexibility in décor and pricing.

tulips and parrot tulips, Freesias, miniature Gerberas and feverfew from The Sun Valley Group; miniature callas from CallaCo; Cymbidium orchids from Transflora; ‘Kiwi’ roses, Hypericum berries, ivy, bear grass, variegated lily grass (Liriope), green honey myrtle and bracelet honey myrtle (Melaleuca), Lycopodium plant (for cuttings), glass birds, votive candles, thin-gauge wire and enameled wire from favorite suppliers; Gala Bouquet Holder® from FloraCraft; Crushed Glass from Accent Décor; Color Fresh Collection mini flower pots from Pots Company; Pastel Metal Watering Can from Diamond Line Containers; cube vases from FTD Marketplace; Tack 2000 spray adhesive from Design Master Color Tool; Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue, Oasis® Floral Adhesive and Lomey™ Corsage Magnets from Oasis® Floral Products.

 ... To view 11 more designs look to the April 2011 issue of Florists' Review.

Carefully remove the floral-foam insert from the clear bouquet holder using needle-nose pliers.

Remove the small “cap” inside the holder, and pour crushed glass into the handle.

Replace the “cap” to seal the crushed glass inside, and reinsert the foam into the holder.

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