chair-back garland

Loops of ribbon provide a lush foundation for this elegant adornment.

    No shortcuts are evident in this opulent garland although its creation saves the time involved in cutting and tying numerous individual bows. Continuous lengths of ribbon are looped and knotted to form a base for the fresh flowers, which are attached with liquid floral adhesive. The garland can adorn a chair back or be created in any length and color palette for church or reception-hall décor

roses and Freesias from favorite suppliers; ribbon and tulle from Berwick Offray and Lion Ribbon Company; Oasis® Floral Adhesive and Oasis® Hot-Melt Glue Sticks from Oasis® Floral Products.

Glue a loop of 7/8-inch-wide ribbon to each end of a long permanent-flower stem (11/2 times the width of the chair back). These loops are used to attach the finished decoration to the chair.
Tightly tie two-loop "shoestring" bows of a 21/2-inch-wide patterned ribbon along the flower stem, beginning at one end and working toward the other. Leave about 2 inches between bows.
Tie more "shoestring" bows of the next ribbon, a 5-inch-wide sheer, alongside the previously created bows. Repeat the process with the 7/8-inch-wide satin ribbon that was used to create the hanger loops, as well as a 6-inch-wide tulle. Finally, glue fresh flowers into the ribbon base with liquid floral adhesive, tucking the blossoms among the ribbon loops.

These designs were excerpted from the book Ribbons and Flowers, which combines ribbons with flowers in 40 floral design projects for a variety of seasons and holidays, with easy-to-follow step-by-step how-to instructions. Softcover. 98 pages. $24.95.

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