single-sided triangle

Nine simple steps to mastering this standard floral composition.

    The need to arrange flowers into some sort of triangular format—a quintessential American design—is bound to come up in every flower shop. While the shape and overall style may vary a bit from this time-tested traditional triangle, the basic technique is the same. So this month, we present the standard single-sided triangle, which can be completed in nine simple steps. Download a printable version from our website, so employees, or attendees in your floral design classes,can follow thestep-by-step instructions.

MATERIALS: 'Idole' roses from Royal Flowers; Hypericum and goldenrod fromEsmeralda Farms; myrtle from favorite supplier; Flared Bowl and Oasis® Floral Foam from Oasis® Floral Products.


Anchor a block of floral foam into the container. Place one tall piece of myrtle, centered in the back of the foam, to establish the height of the arrangement.

Arrange two more stems of myrtle—inserted horizontally and at a slightly downward angle—to establish the side points of the triangle.

Insert three smaller (21/2 to 3 inches) pieces of myrtle, at a slightly downward angle, into the front of the foam block, to fill in the baseline of the triangle.

Arrange additional pieces of myrtle to fill in the space, on both sides, between the triangle's baseline and its peak, clearly defining the triangular shape. Fill in the center of the design and conceal exposed floral foam by arranging the remaining myrtle tips in the center of the design.

Place a long-stemmed rose, centered in the back of the foam, so that the bloom is near the triangle's peak, just beneath the tip of the tallest stem of myrtle.

Starting just beneath the rose, arrange five more roses in a stair-stepped pattern, selecting less-open blossoms for the top and more-open blossoms for the bottom. Angle the stems so they transition from upright near the top to horizontal at the base.

Arrange a rose horizontally on each side of the design, at the container's edge, and near the back of the foam, to define the two end points of the baseline.

Add the remaining four roses into the design symmetrically, which will fill out the triangular shape.

Arrange the goldenrod between the roses, beginning in the focal area and moving upward and outward to the edges of the triangle. Finish by adding small clusters of Hypericum throughout.

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