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Bouquet holders add practicality and lasting beauty.

Maybe you’ve had this experience: Just when everything seems to be going perfect at your largest wedding of the year, you hear in the background, “Oh my, I never thought they’d wilt so fast,” or even worse yet, “Does anyone know how to remove green stem stains from silk satin?”
No one can deny that hand-tied wedding bouquets are popular. But they come with a laundry list of risks, not the least of which is the liability of ruining a multi-thousand-dollar dress before anyone has a chance to say, “I do.”
Bouquet holders solve this problem in an instant. Besides the obvious constant water source for delicate and thirsty flowers, they provide safe barriers between stain-threatening bouquets and the fashions they accessorize. Not to mention, they are available in a myriad of styles, from straight and angled handles to affordable metallic models that rival the most elegant of antique tussie-mussies. Each type features slender, easy-to-grasp handles that are a welcome relief to the heavy-as-a-barbell bulk of hand-tied stems that few brides can ever wrap their hands around.
Our bouquet contains creamy carnations and luminous white Lisianthuses paired, tone on tone, in a straight-handled bouquet holder, which is accessorized by a three-layer satin collar in equally brilliant white hues. The collars are actually bouquet cozies, two of which have their handles removed while the third is added last, with its beaded, satin-clad handle intact. Matching the beading on the handle and emphasizing the lucent bright white tones, pearly corsage pins are inserted into the carnations’ centers in shimmering groups.

MATERIALS: Venus Straight-Handle Bouquet Holder and Beaded Elegance Bouquet Cozies from Syndicate Sales; corsage pins from Milton Adler Co.; carnations from Golden Flowers; Lisianthuses from Orchids Direct.

Design by Talmage McLauren, AIFD
Arrange flowers into a
straight-handled bouquet
holder. Secure the blossoms with floral adhesive, if desired.
Disassemble two bouquet cozies, positioning the two collars onto the bouquet
holder. Insert the holder into
a complete bouquet cozy.
Insert three or four shimmery pearl-headed corsage pins into the center of each carnation.

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