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Taking their cues from this season’s bridal fashion trends, bouquet styles and floral selections for spring and summer weddings are feminine and replete with romantic detailing. Flowers and fashions are key elements in setting a romantic tone, and the bride’s bouquet, as well as those of her attendants, are the most important of the romantic notions. Here, with gloriously feminine florals, hues and detailing, we present a dozen romantic bouquets for the coming wedding season.

Designs by Talmage McLaurin, AIFD. Dresses by Vera Wang.

Exotic pomander
Individually wired Dendrobium and Mokara orchids are assembled into a glorious pendulum bouquet that glows with summer’s most radiant hues. To keep these tropical flowers looking vibrant, a heavy mist of antitranspirant is recommended, and store them in a plastic bag to retain moisture prior to delivery. See “How To” on page 52.

MATERIALS: orchids from Orchids Direct; Clear Crowning Glory from The John Henry Company; beading wire from favorite supplier.


Modern-day textures

With seeded Eucalyptus as a filler—a stylish, contemporary alternative to baby’s breath—this resplendent collection of roses, Freesias and wonderfully exotic-looking glory lilies (Gloriosa) achieves an organic, textural quality that “pops” against the smooth, flowy fabrics of today’s brides’ and bridesmaids’ gowns. An antiqued silver-finish bouquet holder glamorizes the composition for these always-special occasions.

MATERIALS: ‘Eliza,’ ‘Light Orlando’ and ‘Sombrero’ roses from Golden Flowers; Gloriosas and Freesias from Orchids Direct; Elegant™ Bouquet Holder from Smithers-Oasis.


Affordable elegance
This pair of monobotanical bouquets, comprised of small-bloomed, filler-type flowers, achieve a stylish yet affordable field-flower aesthetic when hand-tied into sheaf forms. They’re ideal for budget-conscious brides exchanging vows at casual summer ceremonies or for events with many bridal attendants. The florals are fitted with collars of Galax leaves secured with waterproof tape. Wrappings of ribbon conceal the tape, and, depending on its pattern and form, can set a more formal tone, if desired.

MATERIALS: New York Asters and Solidago from Golden Flowers.

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