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modern spring

Trendy stripes and traditional symbols signify the coming of spring in a contemporary way.

Bold, eye-catching stripes call attention to a display that is quintessentially spring. Created from lengths of colorful ribbons, the stripes brilliantly coordinate with the striped designs of three incremental sizes of planters and a large gift bag. The rabbits, with realistic expressions and poses, are sure to be favorites among customers, who might consider them for gifts as well as for their own decorative purposes. Colorful Easter eggs fill the medium-sized planter and are nestled randomly throughout the display, while a ball-shaped candle sits inside the smallest planter. The flowers, including daffodils, parrot tulips and grape hyacinths (Muscari), are permanent, so this display works equally well in a window as it does against a wall.
This striped concept can be re-created at other times of the year as well. For example, red, green and white ribbon stripes can be a backdrop for a whimsical display of Christmas merchandise, and red, white and blue ribbon stripes can accentuate Independence Day designs.

MATERIALS: The Sun Shower Stripes Collection Planters and Gift Tote from Flowers, Inc. Balloons; ribbon from Morex Corp.; rabbits and permanent daffodils, parrot tulips and grape hyacinths from Jim Marvin Enterprises; ball candle from Creative Candles.

Design by Leroy Miller, AIFD
Adhere a bright piece of
paper to foam-centered
board with spray adhesive.
Hot-glue lengths of ribbon
to the paper-covered board
in a random order.
Glue a wire to the back of
the foam-centered board with
hot glue to create a hanger.

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