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These products are made specifically for keeping your bulb flowers looking their best.

We all know that different varieties of flowers must be attended to in different ways. The right care and handling products can make all the difference in whether a bunch or design of flowers stays beautiful for its due time or not. These products are designed just for cut bulb flowers and the special needs they

bulb flower foods
Syndicate Sales, Inc. offers Aquaplus® Bulb Food available just in time for spring bulb flowers. Available in sachets, the food will not only make flowers last longer and reduce leaf yellowing, but it also will keep the water clear. Floralife, Inc. offers Floralife® Bulb Cut Flower Food, a clear fresh flower food formulated to hydrate and nourish cut bulb flowers while helping to prevent premature leaf yellowing. Available in sachets and specially formulated to work best on tulips, lilies, Alstroemerias, Irises and Freesias, it also can be used with mixed bouquets and all flower varieties in all water qualities, and it remains clear in all water types.
Pokon & Chrysal USA offers Chrysal Clear Bulb Flower Food, which contains active ingredients for enhanced performance of all cut bulb flowers and can be used in both mixed and monobotanical arrangements containing fresh cut bulb flowers. Available in sachets, it increases the life of bulb flowers such as tulips, Irises, Freesias, Gladioli and
more while preventing leaf yellowing and tip burning. Its clear formulation makes it ideal for crystal vases, keeping vase water clean, clear and odorless. Pokon & Chrysal USA also offers Chrysal Select, a flower food for bulb flowers and tree cut stems which is
available in bulk for retail use.

bulb-specific foams
American Foam Technologies, Inc. offers Ultra-Wet Lite floral foam, a light density foam perfect for hollow- and soft-stemmed varieties of cut flowers, such as bulb flowers.
Floralife, Inc. offers Quickee Light Density Instant floral foam, which is a lighter density wettable foam great for soft- and hollow- stemmed cut flowers.
Smithers-Oasis offers Springtime OASIS® Floral Foam, which is guaranteed to saturate quickly and evenly, release water to the flower stems and grip stems securely without the risk of dry spots or
crumbling. Springtime is a light density version of foam for delicate and hollow-stemmed flowers such as daffodils, tulips, Irises, and more.

bulb pretreatments
Floralife, Inc. offers Floralife® Alstroemeria & Lily Pretreatment (PAL), a tablet-form fresh cut flower pretreatment that helps maintain healthy foliage and flower heads while helping to keep stems flowing freely.
Pokon & Chrysal USA offers Chrysal BVBPlus, a liquid water conditioner that corrects imbalances in cut tulips and prevents premature leaf yellowing while reducing stem elongation. Chrysal BVB is a liquid water conditioner that corrects imbalances in cut Irises, Alstroemerias and lilies, preventing premature leaf yellowing and encouraging bud opening and better flower quality. Chrysal SVB is a tablet-form conditioner
that corrects imbalances in cut Alstroemerias and lilies, preventing premature leaf yellowing.

care product suppliers
Contact your local wholesaler or the following manufacturers for these bulb-flower-specific care and handling products.

American Foam Technologies
(800) 497-1958

(800) 321-8286

Floralife, Inc.
(800) 323-3689
Syndicate Sales, Inc.
(800) 428-0515
Pokon & Chrysal USA
(800) 247-9725


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