wedding bouquet

elegant handle

In this noble scepter, the drama is in the details.

Comprising multicolor ‘Peppermint’ roses and dainty peach spray roses, this elegant bouquet, in grand scepter style, features an extra-long handle that has been accessorized with cording. The elongated handle is created with a Lomey Column into which a straight-handled bouquet holder is secured.
Adding to the creation’s regal appearance, loops of cording are woven throughout the floral placements, and tassels, attached to wood picks, are placed into the design. In addition, some of the standard roses are encased within loops of wide satin ribbon for a dramatic, hooded effect.

MATERIALS: ‘Peppermint’ roses and ‘Surprise’ spray roses from California cut flower growers; cording, tassels, satin ribbon, hot glue, double-stick tape, silver paddle wire and wood picks from favorite suppliers; Lomey Column, Wedding Belle Straight Handle Holder and Oasis Floral Adhesive from Smithers-Oasis.

Excerpted from Florists’ Review 101 Wedding Bouquets with How-To Instructions.
Secure a straight-handled
bouquet holder inside a
Lomey Column with hot glue.
Wrap the column with double-stick tape, and wrap the
tape-covered column with
white satin ribbon.
Using floral adhesive, cover
the entire column and the
base of the bouquet holder
with satin cording, starting at
the bottom of the column.
Wrap some of the roses with
wide satin ribbon. Twist silver
paddle wire around the
base and the stem of each
ribbon-covered rose to
hold the ribbon in place.

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